I think that the presidant should legalize the use of marijuana.

If they are going to let some people smoke it and not others then

that is biass and i do not appricate it very much. I am not a smoker

of marijuana but i have many friends who do smoke it and they all do

better in school then i do. I will not start smoking but all i am

saying is that it doen’t not hurt people who smoke it unless they

are going to overdose then they are just plan stupid. This is my essay

on what the governmaent should do on the trouble they are having with marijuana


Emma’s Head

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Why Do People Smoke Marijuana essay

You can call it weed, ganja, Mary Jane, pot or grass but marijuana remains the most abused drug. This is one of the illegal drugs used enormously worldwide. In the United States, marijuana is easily accessible. This is the main reason why such a high percentage of youths are using the drug and the number of users is increasing daily. Many teenagers are currently smoking marijuana more often than cigarettes and other drugs (Pate 78). Marijuana is mostly smoked by people the same way as cigarettes, but is usually hand rolled. Additionally, it can be smoked in water pipes and blunts. Many people, especially teenagers have been absorbed into drug abuse and are justifying their behavior on the basis of relaxation, stress reduction, relieving pains and medicinal purposes among other reasons.

The youths abuse marijuana because of the peer pressure and in some cases, it is due to seeing their elder sisters and brothers using the drug. Others use marijuana because they assume it to be cool since it can relieve stress or because they see the drug being abused on television (Bello 25). There are other people who take marijuana due to the influence from their respective religious groups. Studies conducted in Jamaica show that in a religion called Rastafarianism it is believed that marijuana is a holy herb, and it should be respected. Astaiza states that marijuana decreases anxieties and users strongly advocate it for this feeling. Many users of this drug assert that it assists in suppressing nausea and relieving pain. These are the main reasons behind using it in relieving chemotherapy side effects.

In 2010, a research conducted by Harvard Medical School established that the use of marijuana is due to the increased nervousness, so it can improve the mood of the smoker and act as sedatives while used in low doses (Pate 74). Washington and Colorado states passed legislatio that legalized marijuana usage. While using it as a recreational thing is controversial, a lot of people believe that it should be legalized specially for medical uses. Tod Mikuriya, a psychiatrist, believes that the symptoms of more than 200 sicknesses can be treated by marijuana (Astaiza 2012). They include insomnia, stuttering, writer’s cramp and premenstrual syndrome among others. National Cancer Institute approves the decisions and findings made by Mikuriya. Precisely, marijuana is used as a way of treating side effects such as prevention of nausea, relieving pain, increasing appetite, improving sleep and chemotherapy (Astaiza).

Many people are using marijuana because it can be used in preventing blindness caused by glaucoma. Researches indicate that it can prevent and treat eye diseases like that increase the eyeball pressures. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve leading to vision loss. As stated by National Eye Institute, using marijuana reduces the pressure in the eye (Bello 45). In the 1970s, the researches revealed that when marijuana is smoked, it lowers the intraocular pressure in individuals with glaucoma and normalizes it (Green 2013). The effects of marijuana may lead to slowing the progression of glaucoma’s disease hence precluding blindness.