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Dental Fillings: A Threat to Your Health or Harmless?

According to the American Dental Association, dentists have been using amalgam fillings for over a century. “It’s the least expensive type of filling, used in roughly a third of procedures to replace tooth decay” (Southall 1). The amalgam fillings often called “silver” fillings consist of a mixture of metals: Fifty percent liquid mercury and a …

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Dental Health & Social Class

Dental Health & Social Class Sociology is concerned with the social and political organizations of society and how these affect the behavior of a person living in a particular community, whereas psychology is concerned with individuals and their relationships with others (Kent and Croucher, 1998, 4). Socio-dental indicators measure how much oral and dental disorders …

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Dental Health essay

Application of Geographic Information System in Dental Public Health/Oral Health Care Health is one regarding the most important factors which indicate general wellbeing and quality-of-life of folks. Mane factors which trigger diseases differ in submission and concentration due to be able to the locations. Historically, the particular systems of public health information have collected information …

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