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Water Pollution in Alabama

The mining of coal in Alabama State started in the 1830s. However, it was not until years later that the establishment of the Montevallo mine in the 1850s, the state was introduced to the large scale mining (Armes and James Read More

Gender roles in The Yellow Wallpaper

Throughout the world’s history and the different cultures there have been defined gender roles, some received well while others are not received well. The Yellow Wallpaper when viewed from a feminist standpoint and not the thriller many of its readers Read More

Literature Review

Literature Review Amiel, J.M., Mangurian, C.V., Ganguli, R., & Newcomer, J.W. (2008). Addressing cardiometabolic risk during treatment with antipsychotic medications. Curr Opin Psychiatry, 613–618. Summary of article: The purpose of the article was to raise awareness and also instill knowledge Read More

Cyber Security in Healthcare

Cyber Security in Healthcare The word cloud-based services cover a wide range of classification that incorporates countless information technology resources proffered through the internet. Cloud-based services may be utilized to refer to professional services that back the assortment criteria, placement Read More

Main Characteristics of Gothic Sculpture

Main Characteristics of Gothic Sculpture Gothic sculpture has a unique set of characteristics that can only be identified after a keen evaluation of the art itself. To begin with the sculpture was inspired by the sensitive forms which could easily Read More


Famine Irish immigrants and African-American were the poorest refugees to have ever arrive in the U.S. The goups found it hard to survive in the country. They settled in the lowest rung of the community in regions such as  Massachusetts, Read More

Opportunity Cost in Healthcare

Opportunity Cost in Healthcare The health of an individual is a critical issue that requires attention and investment. Due to the scarcity of resources and time, people lack better understanding of the need to have regular check-ups. The productivity and Read More

The Rise of Cyber-Bullying Crimes

Background of cyberbullying The traditional bullying as widely known is the repeated and unwanted aggression between people which causes an imbalance in power and control of a scenario or situation. Bullying occurs in every community especially in schools, and it Read More