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Sudan and South Sudan
Sudan and South Sudan
-Capital: Khartoum
-(capital of South is Juba but it won’t be asked on the exam)
Political Geography
Capital: Khartoum
-Bordering Countries:
>East: Ethiopia, Eritrea
>South: Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
>Southwest: Central African Republic(CAR)
>West: Chad
>Northwest: Libya

Divided into two countries: Sudan and South Sudan.
The western part of Sudan, known as the Darfur Region, is disputed land

Physical Geography
North-arid, dry, desert
South-swamp areas known as the Sudd, more tropical
-Nile river flows upward through Sudan
-Nuba mountains are near the border of Sudan and South Sudan
-Libyan desert is in the northwestern reason near, obviously, Libya.
Nile River
Nile River
Major river in Sudan
-Two tributaries, Blue and White, merge to form this river
-Fertile and its basin helped civilization sprout
Nuba Mountains
Nuba Mountains
(The area shaded in black labeled with “N” is the region of the Nuba Mountains)
Just above South Sudan
Libyan Desert
Libyan Desert
Major resource
North-predominantly Muslim
South-Christian along with the religion of the tribes that live there
Differs according to region
-influenced by Arabs, Europeans, neighboring countries, and that of the original indigenous people
-differs according to climate- near the coast the staple diet is probably fish, the south probably has more room for agriculture, the arid areas focus on livestock like goat and cows.

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