Sociology: Pathology

Believed that criminals were evolutionary throwbacks, and that criminals inherit maladaptive genes that can be objectified.

evolutionary throwback

Qualities of criminals
small eyes
shifting/quick moving eyes
bears and foreheads almost receding

Lombroso study of phrenology to explain the distinction of criminals

Arguments of Lombroso
-Believed that a normal man should not be punished, because it is most likely he will not commit the act again
-punishment should fit the criminal and not the crime itself

Similarity to Demonic approach
Arbitrary punishment: castration, lobotomy, ECT,
Control over the actor

Problems with Lombros approach
1. empirical research was flawed
2. stigma affected results

A study in Crime, Pauperism, and Heredity
Written by Dugdale about hte family of Jukes

Dugdale belief
He believed that crime and poverty was also inherited
Studied a family and its prevalence of crime rate

Criticism of Dugdale and Jukes
could be due to social factors
lots of other factors that are common in criminals that increase its rates of crime (confound)
*Suggest that deviants are found in all kinds of families

Goddad and Kallikaks
Kallikak married a barmaid and “good girl”. Noticed that the children of good girl was less likely to be a criminal versus barmaid.

Turner and Edgley
Drugcraft replaced witch craft, and that is the way it treats “deviants” (patients)

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