Sociology 014 Final

a symbolic category based on phenotype or ancestry and constructed according to specific social and historical context, that is misrecognized as a natural category

Race Socially
whatever the dominant group wants it to mean

shared lifestyle informed by cultural, historical, religious, and/or national affiliation

Substantive Representation
genuine political representation marked by correspondence between goals of nonwhite representatives and those of nonwhite citizens

Triple Reading
to understand art and its relation to the social order

Brown v. Board of Education
1954 Supreme Court case that dismantled the legal basis of racial segregation in schools

Institutional Racism
systemic white domination of people of color, embedded and operating in corporations, universities, legal systems, political bodies, cultural life, and other social collectives

Homicide and Minorities
White Americans are more likely to become victims of violent crime like homicide than Black or Hispanic Americans? No/False

Unemployment Rate
The employment rate for Blacks is consistently double that for Whites? Yes/True

Cultural Capital
the sum total of one’s knowledge of established and revered cultural activities and practices

Cultural Appropriation
Occurs when members of one ethnic or racial group adopt a cultural product associated with another

Intentionally or unintentionally evaluating another culture in terms of your own culture’s assumptions and viewing the other culture as inferior to your own

Double Consciousness
a way of thinking of yourself through two pairs of eyes; one pair belonging to White America, the other belonging to your ethnic or racial group

Racial Steering
real-estate agents show White customers houses in all-white areas; Black customers houses on all-black or racially mixed areas

Housing Audit
a test of discrimination in which teams of white and black subjects are paired and sent to randomly selected realtors to pose as clients seeking a home or apartment

Principle-Implementation Gap
the acceptance of most white Americans of the principle of racial inclusion while rejecting, time and again, any sort of policy measures designed to carry this out

Involuntary Minorities
racial groups brought to or incorporated into the Unites States against their will

White Nationalist Organizations
believe white to be genetically superior to African American and Hispanics and vie for a separate, exclusively white country

Social Capital
It is, to paraphrase Bourdieu, the sum of all resources one accrues by being connected to a network of people

White Privilege
the collection of unearned cultural, political, economic, and social advantages and privileges possessed by people of Anglo-European descent or by those who pass as such

Civil Rights Act
outlawed discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, or national origin in theaters, restaurants, transportation, hotels, and workplace; 1964

Voting Rights Act
the act prohibited voter discrimination outlawed literacy tests and gave the national government power to oversee voters registration

The Fallacy of Undifferentiating Difference
a fallacy that takes hold of all extremely diverse histories histories and social experiences of nonwhite groups and flattens them

Moynihan Report
argues that most of the problems facing African Americans were caused by a “tightening tangle of pathology” within the black family

Superficial Representation
the process of appointing to political positions to nonwhites disconnected from the needs and problems of most nonwhite citizens

Housing Segregation
Racial Steering, Blockbusting, Hypersegregation, Covenants etc.

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