Sit down four handed dentistry

A/w flush after each patient
1 min

First step in handpiece sterilizatiom
Scrub with brush under running water

-never be placed in ultrasonic
-prolong exposure to solution will dull and corrode burs
-can be autoclav d in burblock
Bur care sterilization

Assistant passing amalgam carrier
Class I

Operator retrieving handpiece from assistant @ 11:00 with elbow close to side
Class II fingers and wrist

Reach up and behind patient light
Class 5

Entire arm and shoulder
Class 4

Dynamic area of dental office
Treatment area

Alabama cart
Storage for bulk

Assistant is seated
4-6 inches above operator

Feet flat on floor , patient head over operators lap, field of operation is elbow height
Operator when seating in working position

1st step after putting patient in sitting position
Give post op instructions

Left handed operator static zone

L. Handed operator assistant zone

L. Operator transfer zone

L. Operator operator zone

R. Operator static zone

R. Operator assistant zone

R. Operator transfer zone

R. Operator operator zone

Assistant limited with r handed operator at
3 o’clock position

Central air compressor
Used to provide air to air driven handpieces ***

Sanitation of tubing of oral evacuation system is essential
To sterilize tubing

Six handed dentistry
Coordinating assistant

Most used in dentistry

After use of saliva ejector is
**** discarded ?

Patient is positioned in dental chair so that his nose and knees and are at same level describes

Held in palm of hand with all 5 fingers surrounding and supporting the instrument
Palm grasp

HVE is placed in extreme left corner of mouth retracting cheek in the process
Mand. Left quadrant

Transfer zone
Across patient chest near patients chin

Picking up a handpiece to be transferred
By opposite of end to be used

Receiving an instrument from right handed operator
Pick up with little finger of the left hand

During instrument exchange the operator
Maintains fulcrum in mouth with right hand

Reaches for instrument with left hand

During instrument exchange assistant holds new instrument in the transfer zone __________ to instrument of use

Passing a palm grasp instrument the assistant holds it
Securely in Palm of right hand

Assisting a right handed operator
2-4 o’clock position

Turn off vacuum control
To avoid patient injury with HVE

Grasps used for surgical forceps

Assistant away from chairside the cart is is placed in
The static zone

Anesthetic syringes
Static zone

Palm grasp
Rubber fan forceps

Instrument exchange with left handed dentist assistant holds the HVE
In left hand

Difference between pen grasp and Modified pen grasp is the modified pen grasp
Grasp instrument slightly to side of the instrument

Anterior placement of HVE the bevel tip is
Parallel to area

Posterior placement of HVE
Bevel tip is slanted upward

HVE grasps by chairside assistant
Nose to thumb

Modified pen

4 means for rounds and cheek retraction other than finger

Saliva ejector

Cotton rolls


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