Public Health Questions?

Which is one of the broad national goals of Healthy people 2020 initiative?
Eliminate health disparities among Americans.
The levels of practice encompassed by the intervention wheel are.
Communities, Individuals, families, and systems.
Which statement about the interventional wheel is true?
It provides a graphic illustration of population-focused public health practice
Which in international agency defined health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease?
World Health Organization
The primary purpose of the World Health Organization is to.
Coordinate surveillance at the global level.
It is important for nurses to be involved in health policy because
Government and policy have a large impact on nursing and health.
When compared to public health care, primary care is.
Focused on individuals
If a 25-year old woman visits a community health center to obtain a gynecological examination and birth control pills, these activities are termed
Primary Health Care
Which statement regarding poverty and insurance is true?
Millions of people in the US are without health insurance
A Medicare recipient has elected to pay a monthly premium for Medicare that will cover expenses, such as laboratory services and equipment. This is part of Medicare Part?
Medicare Part B
Which statement about the Medicare program is accurate?
Part A provides coverage for hospitilization
Medicaid and Medicare are
Two federal programs that provide insurance to special groups
An Example of Managed Care is
Health maintenance organizations
Factors that influence health care cost include
Technology and intensity, demographics-the aging population, and chronic illness
In the US majority of health care dollars are spent on
Hospital Care
The centers for disease control and prevention accomplishes its mission by
fostering safe and healthy environments, detecting and investigating health problems, and implementing prevention strategies.
Which topic is most likely to have been discussed when Lillian Wald provided public health education?
Safe and Sanitary baby and child care
Which client would have been most likely to receive care from the Frontier Nursing Center?
A woman in labor
Lillian Wald’s major contribution to public health nursing was?
Establishing the Henry Street Settlement
Public health nurses are involved in health care reform because reform should?
Improve health care access and reduce health care cost
Florence Nightingale’s contributions to public health included?
Using a population-based approach that let to improved environmental conditions.
A key opportunity for public health nurses to improve population-focused care is by
influencing public health policy
A public health nurse provides a clinic for HIV positive citizens in the community an example of
Tertiary Prevention
An example of primary prevention is
A smoking cessation program
The public health nurse must participate in the essential services of public health include
informing, educating, and empowering people about health issues
Providing for the availability of essential personal health services for people who would otherwise not receive health care defines which public health core function?
The nurse manager who makes sure that staff members who work in the local clinic are competent is demonstrating the public health core function of?
The nurse who compares the rate of teenage pregnancy in various areas of the city is practicing the public health care function of.
A nurse investigating an environment on contaminated ground water is demonstrating?
Community-focused nursing
Which statement about Community-based nursing is true?
It emphasis the setting where care is provided for clients and families.
The purpose of public health core functions is to
Clarify the role of the government in fulfilling the mission of public health
Which is an example of an aggregate or population?
Student in a county school system
A population is best defined as.
A collection of individuals who share at least one common characteristic
The nurse who conducts vision screening on children in the school setting is practicing
Community-based nursing practice.
Which statement is true with regard to a population focus in public health nursing?
Attention is given to the population or community as a whole, regardless of whether they do or do not access the health care system.
Population-focused practice focuses on defining the problems or needs of and implementing solutions for.
The teen community-based nursing care is applied when implementing which nursing intervention?
Providing care to families in a community.
Public health nurses who develop and implement local public health policies through partnerships with agencies, organizations, and consumers within the community are using which core public health function?
Policy development
The agency most heavily involved with the health and welfare concerns of United States Citizens is the.
United States department of health and Human Services (DHHS)
Which individual would most likely experience a barrier when accessing health care?
A 30 year old male who is unemployed.