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1.A community health nurse working as a school health nurse conducted a community assessment and determined that the focus of programs and health education for the academic year should address the problem of childhood obesity. In planning, it is important for the nurse to allow time for individual nursing assessment and education for children who are overweight or obese and to plan classroom education programs. The nurse is demonstrating an understanding of which important community health nursing concept?
a. Health planning
b. Aggregate health care
c. Community as client
d. Use of the nursing process
2.What legislation resulted in increased consumer involvement in the U.S. health care system and a review of the allocation of health care resources?
a. Partnership for Health Program
b. Hill-Burton Act
c. Regional Medical Services Programs
d. National Health Planning and Resources Development Act
3.A community health nurse is using the health planning model to improve a client’s health. The nurse prepares for unexpected problems or complications in the client’s care. This attention to unexpected problems takes place during which step?
a. Assessment
b. Planning
c. Intervention
d. Evaluation
4.Before participating in health care planning, a community health nurse must understand the concept of:
a. community as client.
b. individual as client.
c. family as client.
d. environment as client.
5.The community health nurse understands that a client’s health can be negatively or positively affected by his or her suprasystem. Which of the following correctly describes a client’s suprasystem? The suprasystem includes:
a. only health-related resources, such as primary care providers and insurance sources.
b. only non-health-related resources, such as use of public transportation.
c. all resources available for use by the client, including health-related and non-health-related resources.
d. all official (governmental) agencies used by the client or family, such as the health department or social services.
6.Systems theory provides a framework that includes interventions that are possible at the three levels of prevention. The level of prevention that includes early diagnosis is:
a. primary prevention.
b. secondary prevention.
c. tertiary prevention.
d. supralevel prevention.
7.Public service announcements, dissemination of pamphlets, and focus groups are examples of measures that can be used by the community health nurse. These are also known as:
a. levels of intervention.
b. nursing assessment.
c. evaluation methods.
d. nursing interventions.
8.Which of following factors is NOT necessary to consider when determining priorities for health problem interventions?
a. The aggregate’s preferences
b. The number of individuals affected by the health problem
c. The nurse’s preferences
d. The availability resources
9.The rationale behind the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is to:
a. put individuals, families, and small business owners in control of their health care.
b. increase federal aid to states for hospital facilities.
c. improve the quality of care in rural areas and introduce systematic statewide health care planning.
d. force the implementation of health maintenance organizations.
10.The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 includes several elements that involve health planning. These elements include: (Select all that apply.)
a. creation of an innovation center within the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
b. provisions of monies for funding community health centers, school-based clinics, and the National Health Service Corps to improve access to care.
c. creation of task forces on preventive services and community preventive services to develop, update, and disseminate evidence-based recommendations on health care delivery.
d. establishment of an independent payment advisory board to make proposals to reduce the growth in Medicare spending.
e. the establishment of regional cooperative arrangements among medical schools, research institutions, and hospitals to improve the health manpower and facilities available to the communities.

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