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Flecainide most used rhythm control of atrial arrhythmias
Acyclovir effective ob only HSV express enzyme for efficient activation
Ivermectin activates Glu-gated Cl channel
mild OrganoPO4 exposure AE cycloplegia, diaphoresis, urinary urgency, miosis
mild OrganoPO4 exposure AE not xerostomia, mydriasis, constipation
Digoxin t1/2=1.5-2d, drug excreted unchanged by kidney
Chloroquine resistant prophylaxis does not = Bactrim [Sulfa-Trimeth]
Chloroquine resistant prophylaxis Mefloquine, Atovaquine, Doxycycline
Amlodipine prevents stable angina, most import MOA dilation of resist a.[dec afterload]
Ranolazine [Anti-Ischemic] AE: syncope, arrhythmia
class II Beta adrenergic R
Pt tx w/ rhythm control drugs has more normal hemodynamics
Metoprolol prophylaxis of stable angina, least effective on variant angina
Andenosine [Anti-arrhyth] has MOA depend on drug induced H-polarization of A-V node
Albuterol increased heart contractile F and decreased Aw Resist
Metoprolol add to CHF tx of Losartan+Furosemide if Lv struct and sx worsen
Metoprolol+Renolazine for prophylaxis of angina. Pt: severe angina at rest+ isch. Ht dz
Lidocaine tx Pt w/ hypoTN, dec CO, Vtach, tx Vtach w/o inc HTN
Hydroclorothiazide [HCTZ] Pt w/ HTN on Nifedipine, got wt gain
Verapamil induce inc Atrial rate, slow/nl Vent, prolonged P-R
AE: Inc Fascic->paralysis post anesth Succhinoyl choline- Pt has reduced butyrylcholine Enz activity
Amlodipine+Metoprolol best Anti-Isch for freq stable angina not prevented w/ 1 drug
Hydroclorothiazide [HCTZ] Pt w/ HTN and poor
elderly dec dose ob dec metab and distribution
Triamterene blocks Na channels in distal nephron, produce inc K+
Mannitol inc plasma volume, tx cerebral edema
Nicotinic+Muscarinic R affected by chemical warfare agent
Propanolol tx HTN, CHF, Isch ht dz
Dobutamine tx CHF [only] not HTN
losartan tx HTN, CHF
Propanolol tx HTN, AE: bradycardia, exacerbate Aw dz
Tolterodone tx Night time eneurisis in kids
Dantrolene dec Ca intracell thru Ryanodine-R
Vancomycin inc Erythromycin
Ranolazine [Anti-Ischemic] AE: syncope, arrhythmia
Adenosine Anti-Arrhythmic, HyperPolarization of A-V node
Isch ht drug, angina at rest. Metoprolol ineffective Metoprolol+Ranolazine
Hepatic schizontocide Primaquine
Verapamil Vtach and AE: Atrial Fib, prolong P-R interval
AE: Torsades de Ponte Procainamide

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