Pharmacology – Chapter 18

Medication used in the treatment of infections; includes antibiotics, antifungals, antivirals (UTI)

Opthalmic topical ointments
used in treatment of eye infections

Erythromycin & Gentamycin
Available in ointments in treatment of eye infections. Improvement should occur within 2-3 days. Discontinue after 10 days

Medication used to relieve inflammation


Nonsteriodal Anti-inflammatory Drugs – used to treat postoperative cataract surgery

Interaocular Pressure

An abnormal condition of the eye which there is IOP, due to obstruction of aqueous humor

Glaucoma Types
Acute or Chronic

Acute Glaucoma
Sudden onset of pain, blurred vision & dilated pupils. Left untreated can lead to blindness in days. Treatment consists of multiple meds & surgery to open a pathway for release of aqueous humor

Chronic Glaucoma
Happens over a long period of time. Develops slowly with gradual loss of peripheral vision and possible blurred vision. Multiple treatments used

Anti-Glaucoma Drugs
Medication used to lower interocular pressure

Drug that blocks the action of the sympathetic nervous system

Drug that mimics the action of the sympathetic nervous system

Broad spectrum
ABX effective against a large variety of organisms

Opportunistic Infections
Infection that occurs because immune system is compromised (pregnancy, cancer)

Drug that prevent or treats nausea, vomiting or motion sickness

Carbonic Anyhydrase Inhibitors
Drugs that reduce the hydrogen & bicarbonate ions & have a diuretic effect

Drugs that paralyzes the muscles for eye exams

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