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All the following causes of death are linked to modifiable lifestyle behaviors EXCEPT
genetic diseases.
After breaking up with his girlfriend, Lucas has been unable to move on. He is afraid of rejection and doesn’t think that women find him attractive. He is probably suffering from
Low self-esteem
Which of the following is TRUE of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
Failure to meet a lower-level need will interfere with fulfilling higher-level needs.
The contemporary definition of wellness is
the achievement of the highest level of health possible in each of several dimensions.
Katherine is an energetic, confident student who is not afraid to stand up in front of the class and read her essay aloud. She trusts that even if others don’t agree with her point of view, they will still value her as a person and a friend. These traits best demonstrate Katherine’s positive
emotional health.
According to the transtheoretical model, a person in the precontemplation stage
has no current intention to change or believes there is no need to change.
Judy strives to stay healthy. When she notices herself engaging in an unhealthy behavior, she makes a plan and takes action to get back on track. She beliefs that no challenge is too tough for her to take on. Judy
exhibits self-efficacy
The change model based on three factors (social environment, thoughts and feelings, and behaviors) in interaction with each other is known as the
Social cognitive model
Marie’s parents have given her money for a down payment on a new car; they are providing her with
Tangible support
Josh went for a run after his morning classes. He hadn’t eaten breakfast and now he is feeling lightheaded and has a gnawing feeling in his stomach. Jorge is experiencing
The measure of energy expended while a person is engaged in sedentary activities, such as sitting on a sofa or digesting food, is the
Resting metabolic rate
Which theory holds that our bodies fight to maintain our weight within a particular narrow range?
Set point theory
Which type of dieting involves a cycle of restriction and weight loss followed by a period of weight gain?
Yo-yo diets
Individuals with an intense fear of gaining weight along with an extremely distorted body image have the eating disorder known as
Anorexia nervosa
A disorder that typically occurs in men and is characterized by extreme measures to change body shape and a belief that the body is insufficiently lean or muscular is
muscle dysmorphia.
If you want to help a friend whom you suspect has an eating disorder, you should do all of the following EXCEPT
force your friend to acknowledge that the problem is his or her fault.
Jill has many friends, is respected by her coworkers, and maintains a great relationship with her boyfriend. Her ability to interact with others is an example of which dimension of health?
Social health
Health promotion
includes policies, programs, and financial support for initiatives that promote health
An adolescent smoker might think lung cancer happens only to old people. This is an example of which factor of the health belief model?
Perceived susceptibility
Brenda is going on a ski trip over spring break and has 12 weeks to get in shape. She purchased an elliptical trainer and started working out on it for 10 minutes each day. Each week, she will increase her workout by 10 minutes until she can exercise for one hour. If she finds that is too rigorous, she will only add 5 minutes to her workout each week. Which of the following behavior-change techniques is Brenda using to get in shape for her trip?
A psychologically healthy student who gets a bad grade on an exam would respond by
Learning from the situation and improving study habits
Lisa has a strong sense of purpose and meaning to her life. Lisa is demonstrating
Spiritual health
Recently, Kevin has been spending a lot of time playing online poker. Last weekend, he decided on a whim to fly to Las Vegas to try his hand at “the real thing.” He lost over $5,000. This behavior indicates that Kevin may have
Borderline personality disorder
Warning signs of suicide include all of the following EXCEPT
compulsion to repeatedly perform rituals.
Although he is often dispirited, exhausted, and pessimistic, for the last few days Jirou has been studying, working out, and socializing with so much energy and enthusiasm that he has not had more than two or three hours of sleep each night. Jirou might be suffering from
Bipolar disorder
Ken is the new pastor at a local church. He is both nervous and excited about his new post and is looking forward to meeting all the members of his new congregation. This process will take some time and effort, but he is convinced that it will help him learn how to serve them better. Ken’s situation is an example of
Catrina just missed hitting a deer as she was driving along a dark, curving road. She felt her racing heart finally slow down after she pulled off the road and took a few deep breaths. This is an example of a(n)
adaptive response
Downshifting refers to the process of
taking steps to simplify one’s life.
Celia spends a good deal of her time worrying, feels on edge, is easily fatigued, and often has difficulty concentrating, which is affecting her grades. Her symptoms may characterize
generalized anxiety disorder.
Which of the following is TRUE about Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs)?
They are the reference standard for intake levels necessary to meet the needs of most healthy individuals.
Substances in food or supplements that destroy free radicals and slow their formation are
A person who avoids all foods and food products of animal origin, including dairy and eggs, is a
One problem with the BMI measurement is that it
is an indirect estimate of body fat
Having a negative body image can lead to all of the following EXCEPT
high self-esteem
Jasmine is always complaining that she doesn’t like the way she looks. She tells her friend Amber that she thinks her thighs are too big and that she feels fat. Amber assures Jasmine that she isn’t fat, but Jasmine won’t listen. It is likely that Jasmine may be suffering from
a negative body image
Common myths that contribute to negative body image include all of the following EXCEPT
eating healthy and staying active is an effective weight loss strategy.
Karen is extremely dissatisfied with her body shape and she has gone through three cosmetic surgeries to alter her facial structure. Karen is most likely suffering from
body dysmorphic disorder
An individual who periodically consumes excessively large amounts of food without engaging in compensatory behavior would be classified as having
binge-eating disorder
Raye is a 20-year-old woman who is about 10 pounds over her ideal weight but is in good health and works out regularly to stay fit. She appreciates her curvy body type and shops for clothes in bright colors that make her feel attractive and cheerful. Raye’s attitudes and behavior demonstrate a
Positive body-image
Eric is always upset about something, and it seems that she is never really happy. Her mental outlook is likely to adversely affect
all six dimensions of her health
James is no longer able to feel the same effect from his drug of choice with his regular dose; he needs to increase the amount of the drug to feel the desired effect. This demonstrates
Jason doesn’t see that his addiction to heroin is self-destructive. He is experiencing
Which of the following is TRUE about gambling addictions?
Most compulsive gamblers seek a high from the excitement even more than from money.
Lisa is aware that her best friend, Kim, has a drinking problem. Lisa continually makes excuses for her and often completes Kim’s homework to protect her from flunking out of school. Lisa’s behavior is an example of
The interaction of two or more drugs at the same receptor site in which one blocks the action of the other is
The process of freeing the body from an addictive substance is known as
What percentage of Americans abstain from drinking alcohol?
What is the percentage of alcohol in 100 proof whiskey?
50 percent
Factors affecting alcohol absorption include all of the following EXCEPT
The time of day alcohol is consumed
After a night of heavy drinking, John still appears sober while his friends are obviously intoxicated. It is likely that John has developed
Learned behavioral tolerance
Which of the following is a TRUE statement?
Tobacco is known to cause 20 diseases
What effect does carbon monoxide have on the body?
It diminishes the oxygen-carrying capacity of the red blood cells.
What substance in cigarettes is a thick, brownish sludge containing carcinogens?
Which of the following occurs within 24 hours of quitting smoking?
Chance of heart attack decreases
Approximately 80 percent of alcohol is diffused through the
Small intestine
About how many adult Americans suffer from some type of cardiovascular disease?
one out of three
The absence of clinical indicators of cardiovascular disease and the presence of certain behavioral and health factor metrics is known as
Ideal cardiovascular health
Which of the following is TRUE in regard to atherosclerosis?
It is characterized by a buildup of substances within the arteries that form plaque.
All of the following occur as part of congestive heart failure EXCEPT
blood cannot accumulate in the legs, ankles, or lungs.
Which of the following groups has the highest incidence of hypertension?
African Americans
Nonmodifiable risk factors for CVD include all of the following EXCEPT
Blood cholesterol levels
All of the following are well-documented risk factors for breast cancer EXCEPT
consuming 3 to 4 alcoholic drinks per week.
A biopsy reveals that a woman who has had breast cancer now has cancer in her lymph nodes. The process of cancer spreading from one organ or body area to others is
what percent of strokes are classified as ischemic
Which of the following is TRUE about your family of origin?
It includes the people who were living in the house during your first years of life, usually siblings and parents
Rico and Chris are close friends and classmates. Each day they are an important influence on each other’s actions. This example BEST demonstrates their
Behavioral interdependence
Emily and Rosa are close friends who are able to share their feelings freely, providing support and reassurance. This example demonstrates their
Emotional availability
Both Ben and Betty see themselves as responsible for their own choices, decisions, and actions in their relationship, thus demonstrating their
Which factor would reduce the likelihood of your choosing a particular person as a partner?
Your beliefs, attitudes, and values are significantly different.
According to Sternberg’s triangular theory of love, love involves
intimacy, passion, and commitment.
According to Sternberg’s triangular theory of love, the most complete, ideal type of love is
Consummate love
Greg and Kate always support each other’s interests, hoping to ensure that the other will succeed. This BEST demonstrates that they are
advocates for each other
Which of the following is TRUE regarding homicides?
Homicides are the second leading cause of death for persons aged 15 to 24.
Which of the following would NOT be considered a hate crime?
shooting a bank employee during an armed robbery
Of the following, which factor is NOT a risk for gang involvement?
Academic achievement
The term terrorism is correctly applied to situations in which
violence is used to achieve political aims.
Pearl confides that, at a frat party, she was forced to have sex and did not consent; this is an example of
Sexual assault
Your friend confides that her coworker is always making sexually explicit comments to her and telling lewd jokes. You explain to her that this is
Sexual harassment
Self-care involves all of the following EXCEPT
avoiding medication and taking a “tough it out” approach to illness.
The degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services for appropriate health decisions refers to;
health literacy

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