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Cardio respiratory fitness is achieved through
aerobic exercise
Which physical fitness component can be measured by counting how many times you can lift, push, or press a given weight?
Muscular endurance
Which physical fitness component refers to the relative amounts of fat and lean tissue (bone, muscle, organs, water) in the body
body composition
Which physical fitness component best applies to touching your toes from a standing position
Which athletic skill can be defined as the ability to change direction quickly
How do Americans spend most of their leisure time
watching television
Which medical condition has occurred when bones lose their mineral density and become soft and more susceptible to injury
In order to get the maximum benefit from cardiorespiratory training, you should work within a range called your
target heart rate
Which method of monitoring the intensity of your exercise is a self-assessment scale that rates symptoms of breathlessness and fatigue
Rating of Perceived Exertion
Which weight-training component refers to multiples of repetitions of the same movement, e.g., 20 push-ups
Which principle of exercise accounts for your loss of fitness improvements if you stop exercising
reversibility principle
Which dimension of progress overload is represented by the acronym FITT
A principle characteristic of an anaerobic exercise is its
steady oxygen supply
The ACSM recommends exercising at ____ to build fitness
your maximum heart rate for 20 min
Which method of physical training involves increasing the number of repetitions of the amount os resistance gradually to work the muscle to temporary fatigue
Which type of exercise involves muscle movement of a moderate load with muscle tension remaining constant
Which type of exercises use special machines to provide resistance through the entire range of motion
Multiple performances of a movement or exercise are known as
Breast cancer survivors have been shown to experience less fatigue and inflammation from practicing
Which type of stretching do fitness experts discourage because it could result in muscle injuries
Which type of stretching involves a gradual movement toward a final position that is held for 10 to 30 seconds
Which mind-body regimen is sometimes described as “meditation in motion”
t’ai chi
Muscle cramps are caused by profuse sweating and the consequent loss of
Generally, to get aerobic conditioning from swimming, you need to
keep up a pace that makes you feel pleasantly tired, but not exhausted
Getting up and walking for ___ can reverse the negative effects of prolonged sitting
two minutes every hour

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