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Which of the following is linked to 30% of cancer deaths?
What is the most common cause of cancer death in the United States?
lung cancer
Where can melanoma occur?
anywhere on the body
Which statement regarding testicle self-examination is TRUE?
It should be performed using a gentle rolling motion.
Which best describes leukemia?
a malignant disease of the white blood cells
Jose has a family history of colon cancer. What should he do to lower his personal risk of the disease?
take a small, regular dose of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Which statement about ultraviolet radiation is true?
Sand reflects ultraviolet radiation, so beach-goers need to wear sunscreen even if they sit under a beach umbrella.
A diet high in which foods is associated with increased risk of oral cancer
Use of tanning lamps is not linked to skin cancer, because tanning lamps emit a safe form of UV radiation.
How often should men perform testicular self-examination (TSE)?
Excess alcohol use is a risk factor for several types of cancer.
African American men have an increased risk of prostate cancer compared with other populations.
very case of cancer begins with a change in a cell that allows it to grow and divide when it should not.
Cancer is an abnormal and uncontrollable multiplication of cells or tissue that leads to death if untreated.
A persistent cough or chest pain can be a warning sign for lung cancer.
Unprotected sex is a risk factor for cervical cancer.
The primary risk factors for oral cancer are tobacco use and excessive alcohol consumption.
Estrogen is an example of a cancer promoter, because it stimulates cellular growth in the female reproductive organs.
Folic acid and calcium may provide protection against the development of cancer.
The Epstein-Barr virus that causes mononucleosis also is link to some stomach cancers.

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