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T/F: There is no one definition of mental health and mental illness.
If we can’t define mental health or mental illness, how do we identify between the two?
We think of them being on opposite sides of a spectrum, and focus on the major characteristics of each.
Major characteristics include successful adaptation to stressors, including internal or external.
Mental Health
What are some characteristics of mental health that we discussed in class?

*not merely the absence of disease or distress*

-Good impulse control
-Able to contribute to community
-Able to express feelings appropriately
-Positive relationships
-Situational depression & anxiety
What does mental health and mental illness have to do with local and cultural norms?
-A mentally healthy individual will be congruent with these, while a mentally ill individual will not be.
Maladaptive responses to stressors from internal or external environment, evidenced by thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Interfere with the individuals social, occupational or physical functioning.
Mental Illness
What are some examples of maladaptive coping behaviors?
What is a major concern when it comes to mentally ill individuals?
Impulse Control
The total number of cases of mental illness in a given population at a given time
Prevalence of Mental Illness
What are some (4) mental illnesses for frequently associated with disability?
-Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
-Bipolar Disorder (BPD)
-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
If we can’t cure mental illness, what is our goal for treatment?
To give them the best life possible
What is the DSM-5? (Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders)
Classification system for providers, has specific criteria for each disorder. Based on research and observation. *doesn’t include treatment, religion, or culture*
How does culture affect treatment of MI?
Religion and culture beliefs may create barriers to treatment (i.e. meds are poison, MI’s don’t exist)
What is the purpose of defense mechanisms?
To reduce anxiety, to cope (adaptive + or maladaptive -), to protect ego
What are some factors impacting development/presence of MI?

-SS (fam)
-C B&V

-Pyschosocial Stressors
-Biological predisposition
-Support Systems (including family)
-Developmental events
-Cultural beliefs & values
-Health practices
Fear of unknown
How can mild anxiety be adaptive?
It can provide motivation for survival
When anxiety reaches a mild to moderate level, what does the ego use for protection?
defense mechanisms
T/F: some defense mechanisms can be adaptive if used correctly.

ex. ADAPTIVE: denial of grief initially
MALADAPTIVE: denial of grief for 6 months or longer

What does the DSM5 say is the definition of a mental disorder? (includes 3 parts)
Clinically significant disturbance in an individual’s cognition, emotional regulation or behavior

-Reflecting dysfunction in psychological, biological, or developmental processes underlying mental functioning

Formulated 1st systematic theoretical framework on psychiatric nursing. Principles guide for nurse-pt relationship still used today.
Hildegard Peplau
Who was Peplau’s work most influence by?
Harry Stack Sullivan (interpersonal theorist)
What are the 2 main focuses of psychiatric nursing?
-Establish rapport
-Teach good coping skills
Who was a well-known culture psych nurse?
What are some differences between the western & eastern view of mental health & illness?
-Mind & Body are separate
-Disease is specific & measurable with cause & Tx

-Family interdependence
-Mind & Body connected
-Born into specific fate-unchangeable

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