When selecting a face mask the most important things to consider our proper ____ and _____
Fit and comfort

Snorkels over 15 inches in length are not recommended primarily because_______
They have too much dead air space

When buying or renting equipment for diving, the most important consideration is _______ on your body

When rinsing a regulator it is best to leave the regulator ______to the tank or have the dust cap_____
Attached, closed

Diving equipment should be _____ thoroughly, ____, and _____ in a cool place
Rinsed, dried, stored

Scuba tank should always have some pressure on them to prevent ______from entering
Water / moisture

According to the DOT regulations, scuba tanks must be hydrostatically tested every ______ years

Open heel fins are usually the fins of choice for scuba divers because____
They can be used in a wide variety of conditions

The primary purpose of the exposure suit is to preserve ______ during Dives
Body heat

Weighting systems are used by the diver primarily to offset the ______ buoyancy created by the wetsuit

You should have your regulator serviced by a certified repair technician at least _____ per year
One time

The stage of the regulator which reduces the tank pressure is the ______stage

Two types of material that scuba tanks are made of our Steel and _____

The ______ line is the direction of travel line on the compass

The dive knife is used primarily as a _____ for digging, cutting, pounding and prying

Stamped, engraved, markings on scuba tanks include date of _____, serial number and type of blank
hydrostatic testing, material (A= aluminum, AA = steel)

Atmospheric pressure at sea level is _____ pounds per square inch for _____ atmosphere absolute
14.7 pounds, 1 atmosphere

A sealed balloon filled with air that has a volume of 6 cubic inches at 99 feet will have a volume of ______ cubic inches at 33 feet

Sea waterways ____ pounds per cubic foot

The gas law that best explains diving medical problems such as ear and sinus squeeze is
Boyle’s Law

Because refractions, objects underwater appear ____ and ______ when the diver is looking through his / her mask
Larger, closer

When the pressure of nitrogen is balanced between the air in your body you are at a state of ______

A diver’s body heat is lost through conduction at a rate of approximately _____ times more rapidly than in air
25 times

The type of pressure defined as gauge for water pressure plus atmospheric pressure is ______
Absolute pressure

The absolute pressure in the ocean at 53 feet is ______ atmospheres absolute

If a divers Surface air consumption rate is 25 psi per minute, what would be the consumption rate at 66 feet of seawater
75 PSI / minute

A depth that is equivalent to one atmosphere in the ocean is equal to _____ feet in the seawater and _____feet in freshwater
33 seawater, 34 freshwater

Two methods of measuring air pressure are BAR or _____
Pounds per square inch

Sound travels about ______ times faster in water than in air

The first color lost in the spectrum upon descent during a dive is _____

Pressure in the middle ear is equalizer a part of the body called the ______

Breathing dry air, a scuba diver tends to become dehydrated while diving do to _____ dry
Moisturizing or humidifying

Symptoms of nitrogen Narcosis are similar to _____
Alcohol intoxication

Divers inability to equalize his/ her ears during offense could cause a ____ or reverse ______
Block, block

An irregular breathing pattern while diving could possibly cause _____ excess
Carbon dioxide / CO2

Generally, for maximum efficiency your breathing should be slightly ____ and _____ than you normally breathe
Slower, deeper

To prevent an air embolism, a diver should breathe ____ at all times during ascent and never ____ his slash her _____
Normally, hold, breath

A diver with blood and mucus in his / her mask upon surfacing will most likely have a _____
Sinus squeeze

If your dive buddy complains to you about having aching pain in his or her shoulder one hour after the dive you might suspect _____ sickness

A symptom of carbon monoxide poisoning is often

Descent rate of _____ feet per minute for diving is acceptable when using the usn / naui dive tables

The point at which a sudden change in water temperature occurs is a ______

Currents which suddenly appear and disappear are ______
Rip current

_______ is the underwater movement of water caused by wave action that you will experience when diving in areas close to the shore

The predictable daily rise and fall of the ocean at a single point is called _____

Most surface waves are caused by the _____

Examples of natural navigation aids that divers may use during Dives include ____ in the sand, ____, or bottom ______
Ripple’s, lights/rays, landmarks

Almost all injuries from Aquatic Life are caused by _______ action on the part of the animal

To render first aid for venomous fish wounds ____ the wound to clean, _____ in hot water and obtain medical attention
Wash / flush, soak

The first aid for sea animals stings such as those from jellyfish is the application of a sting _______ _____
Neutralizing agent

A diver with a group letter of “f” making a dive to 60 feet has a residual nitrogen time of
36 minutes

It is advisable that a sport / recreational diver ______ decompression Dives

For Optimum no decompression bottom times, plan repetitive dives so that each successive dive is to a _____ depth

The maximum dive time for dive to 60 feet is ______
55 minutes

According to NAUI a repetitive dive is defined as more than one dive within a period of ____ hours

The minimum surface interval recommended between two Dives is_____
60 minutes

According to the NAUI dive tables, Dives to less than 40 feet are considered as ____ dives
40 foot

Appropriate first aid measures for an unconscious scuba diver should include consideration of drowning, _____ and decompression sickness
Air embolism

Four main actions you should consider when giving first aid for diving accidents are maintain basic _____ support, call for _____, treat for _____, and deliver 100% _____
life, help, shock, oxygen

To prevent sea sickness you should settle yourself in the ____ point of the boat
Center / Midway

The preferred action to take if you find yourself alone and out of air at 30 feet in open water is ______ ascent
Emergency swim

If you are diving wearing an exposure suit, you should add air to your ____ to safely control your buoyancy as you descend
BC vest

The following limits should be established prior to every scuba dive, they are _____bottom time, ____ depth, _____ air pressure
Maximum, maximum, minimum

Factors that can make you incapable of sustaining your efforts in diving
All of above

The ______can most readily provide assistance to a diver
Diver buddy

A diver experiencing Panic should _____, rest and breathe _____ and _____ until you recover
Stop, slowly, deeply

The most effective way to descend while maintaining orientation and attempting Equalization of the ears is _____ first

Continued loss of body heat in cold water will produce muscle _____ Progressive ______ and insensibility to ______
Cramps, weakness, pains

Physical fitness is an important consideration for scuba divers because it helps prevent diving accidents due to_____

When conducting a buoyancy check, vertical buoyancy with a normal breath you should float at____
Eye level

The ______ is a worldwide emergency network of hyperbaric chambers and Diving Physicians

It is recommended that a dive team diving from an anchored boat have a trail line ____ long with the bouey at the end
100 feet

It is recommended that a dive team diving from an anchored boat begin their dive _____ the prevailing current

If during the day you and your buddy become separated, you should spend no more than _____ looking for them and then surface
1 minute

To relieve a cramp in the calf, bend the toe of the fin toward the _____ to stretch the ______
knee, muscle

A diver on the surface waving his / her hands overhead and thrashing violently indicates_____

Immediately upon reaching the dive site, you should _______ the conditions

Completing this entry level scuba certification course makes you knowledgeable and skillful enough to dive safely in or at open Waters with conditions ______ you were trained in
Similar to those

If you received your training in the surf off California then moved to Boston, the best way of becoming familiar with those driving procedures specific to Boston and the east coast is to contact an active ____ and _____ with him/her
Instructor, train

When planning and executing a dive, it is important for diving Buddies
To agree on a dive

The last thing to check before making a giant stride or any water entry is that the area below is _____

If it is suspected that the air in the tank is contaminated due to its smell or taste do not use the tank and immediately _____ the dive shop that fill the tank so they can ______the problem
Tell, solve ( do not dive if they do not replace the tank

Inadequate ____, recent head _____, recent ingestion of ____ are physical factors that can make you incapable of sustaining the effort sometimes demanded when participating in recreational diving
Rest, injury, alcohol

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