MS1 Test 2 Nursing Diagnosis for Heart disease/disorders

Nursing Diagnosis for Coronary Heart Disease
Imbalanced Nutrition: More than Body Requirements (encourage dietary changes in fat content
Ineffective Health Maintenance(discuss modifiable risk factors)

Nursing Diagnosis for Angina Pectoris
Ineffective Tissue Perfusion: Cardiac
Risk for Ineffective Therapeutic Regimen Management(denial that pain is related to heart and mortality

Nursing Diagnosis for AMI:
Acute Pain
Ineffective Tissue Perfusion
Ineffective Coping
Activity Intoloerance (SOB, fatigue)

Nursing Diagnosis for Heart Failure
Decreased Cardiac Ouput
Excess Fluid Volume
Activity Intolerance
Deficient Knowledge: Low -Sodium Diet

Nursing Diagnosis for RHD
Acute Pain
Activity Intolerance

Nursing Diagnosis for Pulmonary Edema
Impaired Gas Exchange
Decreased Cardiac Output

Nursing Diagnosis for Endocarditis
Risk for Imbalanced Body Temperature, Risk for Ineffective Tissue Perfusion, Ineffective Health Maintenance

Nursing Diagnosis for Myocarditis
Activity Intolerance, Decreased CO, Fatigue, Anxiety, Excess Fluid Volume

Nursing Diagnosis for Pericarditis
Acute Pain, Ineffective Breathing Pattern, Risk for Decreased CO, Activity Intolerance

Nursing Diagnosis for Valvular Heart Disease
Decreased cardiac output/ Activity Intolerance/ Risk for Infection/
Ineffective protection/ Excess fluid vol.

Nursing Diagnosis for Cardiomyopathy
Decreased Cardiac Output/ Fatigue/ Ineffective Breathing Pattern/Fear/Ineffective Role Performance/Anticipatory Grieving

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