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What animal can you not do a cervical dislocation for euthanasia?

What agency has a book on how to euthanasia each rodent?

what inhaled anesthesia can be used on mice, rats, and hamsters?
halothane and isoflurane

what injectable anesthesia can be used on mice, rats, and hamsters?

What is the most common blood collection sight in mice and rats?
lateral tail vein

how do you collect blood from large rats?
Cranial vena cava

For terminal rats, mice how would you collect blood?
Cardiac puncture

What is another way of collecting blood from mice and rats besides lateral tail vein?
retro – orbital bleeding (capillary)

What are the different venipuncture sights for mice and rats?

How do you do an IP venipuncture?
draw an imaginary line across the abdomen, just above the knees, insert needle at 30* angle into the abdomen on the animals right side (because the kidney is higher on that side), close to the midline, aspirate and inject if safe to do so.

What do you use to give oral medication to rats and mice?
blunt tipped catheter or gavage needle (metal).

What injections are used in guinea pigs?

what is the most common blood collection site in guinea pigs?
lateral saphenous and cephalic veins

What blood collection site for guinea pigs can be stressful?

what blood draw sights in guinea pigs do they need to be anesthetized?
cranial vena cava, retro – orbital

What are some of the biggest cause of diseases in rodents?
poor husbandry, nutrition, housing, temperature, sanitation, handling stress.

What is the most common upper respiratory infection for rodents?
Mycoplasma spp.

What is the most common disease in rats?

What is the most common disease in hamsters?
Proliferative ileitis (wet tail)

What rodents/animals get malocclusions?
Guinea pig, rabbits

Slobbers happens in what animals/rodents?
rabbits and guinea pig

What animal do you have to worry about vitamin C deficiency?
guinea pigs

what are the clinical findings of vitamin C deficiency?
rough coat, anorexia, diarrhea, teeth grinding, vocalizing, delayed wound healing, lameness, pathologic fractures.

what animals cant have penicillin’s, erythromycin, lincomycin?
rodents and rabbits

What are signs that rodents and rabbits have been given penicillin’s, erythromycin, lincomycin?
diarrhea, gastrointestinal system upset and death

What does streptomycin cause in rodents and rabbits?

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