Mental Health Quiz 1

fresh air and light
The occupational therapy assistant is working in a community shelter for people who are homeless. The staff members at the shelter want to incorporate a moral treatment approach into the program they are providing. Which of the following would the occupational therapy assistant suggest using?
The founding fathers of occupational therapy were not interested in discovering a scientific foundation for their treatment; they were just interested in getting positive results.
Diversion of the client from negative thoughts, pain, and troubles in life was one of the early treatment approaches in occupational therapy.
“Institutionalization” refers to the provision of care within the community.
Client complexity influences the role of the occupational therapy assistant.
Blood-letting, cold baths, and restraining chairs were considered moral treatment.
The largest shift in the view of mental health occurred after World War I.
The President’s New Commission on Mental Health is part of the Affordable Care Act.
The Recovery Movement originated as a treatment approach used by psychologists.
Productive activities are a characteristic of a positive state of functioning.
Empowerment is an important step in recovery.
a group that is strength-based
An occupational therapy assistant is asked to design and run a group that is based on the recovery model. What characteristic below will the occupational therapy assistant incorporate into the program?
Adolph Meyer promoted which psychology model for use by occupational therapists?
Community Mental Health Act of 1963
What legislative act most influenced the move from institutionalization to the community?
What psychological approach most influenced occupational therapy in the 1940s and 1950s?
community-centered content
The occupational therapy assistant is incorporating the recovery model into the treatment group that she leads. Knowing the components of recovery model, what component would not be incorporated into the group?
The occupational therapy assistant allows the client to choose which goals to address first.
The occupational therapy assistant is utilizing a recovery model in a small group focused on prevocational skills. What action reflects this approach?
use of discussion groups
Mental health occupational therapy experienced a shift in service delivery following World War II. What aspect is most descriptive of this shift?
arts and crafts
What was often incorporated into early occupational therapy services?
Mental Health Parity Act of 1996
The occupational therapy assistant is advocating to an insurance provider on the behalf of her client for equalized mental health coverage. What legislation would the occupational therapy assistant reference in this process?