Medical Terminology- Mental Health

A condition which is a real, physical disorder that has, in part, a psychological cause is a
Psychosomatic disorder
A disorder of perception, thought, emotion, and behavior is known as a
schizophrenic condition
A mood disorder characterized by hyperactivity, irritability, and rapid speech is
A mood disorder with alternating episodes of depression and mania is called
bipolar disorder
A natural substance in the brain that has the same effect as opium is
A pathologic fear of heights is known as
A patient has developed a tolerance to many drugs. The medical definition of the word tolerance is
becoming accustomed to a stimulus or drug
A patient went to see his physician because of a rash on both hands for three days. He stated that he returned from a trip abroad and was seated next to a patient who was coughing and now he is sure that he has developed leprosy. When the physician examined the patient, he could not find anything wrong other than a fading rash. The physician made note of the patient’s statements, and determined that this was an indication that he was a(n)
A patient with schizophrenia told her psychologist that on two occasions she saw her mother sitting in a car outside of her house. Her mother lives in Europe, and there is really no reason for the mother to be sitting in a car outside the patient’s house. The psychologist believes the patient is experiencing
A person who exhibits self-mutilation would be classified as having a(n)
borderline personality disorder
A psychiatrist decides to use a multimodal approach in treating a patient with PTSD. Which of the following interventions will NOT be used as part of this treatment plan?
Occupational therapy
Classifications of drugs that are able to alter mood, behavior, and/or cognition are the
psychoactive agents
Cognitive mental activities are those that pertain to
thinking and learning
During a session with a psychologist, a patient stated that she felt that her mother was persecuting her and that this persecution had been going on since she was a year old. These persecutory delusions are known as
Marijuana is an example of which type of drug?
Ms. Bee visits Dr. Botticelli with complaints of persistent, excessive worrying for the last six months. She is unable to name the cause of her fear. She also complains of palpitations, insomnia, and irritability. Based on these symptoms, Dr. Botticelli diagnoses Ms. Bee with
generalized anxiety disorder
Ms. Jones is employed as a secretary in a large company. She leaves for work at precisely 7:40 AM every day because she fears being late. When she arrives at work, the first thing she does is wipe her desk and all equipment with a disinfecting cloth, then arranges the notes on her desk in a certain way, washes her hands for two minutes followed by hand sanitizing gel before being able to begin working. Her behavior is an example of
an obsessive-compulsive disorder
The basic fear of being trapped in a confined space is called _______________________.
The effects of abuse in a person who has used psychedelic drugs for a long period of time include
extreme delusions and paranoia
The inability to sleep is called _______________________________________.
The medical definition of the word physical dependence is
the state of needing a drug for daily functioning
The medical term for the external display of feelings, thoughts, and emotions is
The new term for multiple personality disorder is abbreviated as
The presence of two or more diseases at the same time is called
The term used to describe people who cheat, steal, and lie, and have no sense of responsibility and have no anxiety or guilt about their behavior is
antisocial personality disorder
What does the combining form in the word narcotic mean?
What does the combining form in the word pathologic mean?
What does the root in the term multimodal mean?
What does the root in the word schizoid mean?
What does the root of the word compulsion mean?
To drive or compel
What does the suffix in the term schizophrenia mean?
What is the general term for a pathologic fear or dread?
What is the medical term that describes the act of one person killing another person?
What is the nonmedical term for a person unable to be responsible for his actions?
Which of the following is NOT a physical symptom of major depression?
weight gain
Which of the following is NOT an affective disorder?
Which of the following is the correct spelling for a word that means the uncontrollable need to steal?
Which of the following medications is NOT a tricyclicantidepressant?
Which of the following terms has no prefix and no suffix?
Which of the following terms means the treatment of mental disorders through communication?