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Maine Geography

Largest City in Maine
Second Largest City in Maine
Third Largest City in Maine
Capital of Maine
Mount Katahdin
Tallest Mountain in Maine
New Brunswick and Quebec
Two Canadian provinces on the northern border of Maine
St. John River
River which starts in New Brunswick and then flows into Maine. It makes up two different sections of the northern Maine border.
New Hampshire
State on the western border of Maine
Gulf of Maine
Gulf to the south east of Maine which includes the entire coastline of Maine.
Bay of Fundy
Bay on the eastern corner of Maine. It is famous for being the body of water which has the largest tidal range in the world.
Penobscot River
River which flows through the city of Bangor and into central Maine
Penobscot Bay
Bay in the middle of Maine’s coastline that is where the Penobscot River begins
Acadia National Park
Name of national park located on Maine’s coast
Mount Desert Island
Largest Island off the Coast of Maine
Moosehead Lake
Largest Lake in Maine
Kennebec River
Moosehead Lake is the source of this river which runs through Augusta, the capital city of Maine.
Casco Bay
Bay in southern Maine. The city of Portland is on the coast of this bay
Sebago Lake
Second largest lake in Maine. Located in south eastern Maine near Portland.
St. Croix River
River that makes up the most southern part of the Maine and New Brunswick border.
Androscoggin River
River which branches off the Kennebec River and runs through the city of Lewiston and eventually makes its way into New Hampshire.
Longfellow Mountains
A subrange of the Appalachian Mountains. It is the name given to the collection of mountains in northern Maine. It is seen as an extension of the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

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