Iowa Dental Assistant Registration: Jurisprudence

Iowa Dental Board
9 members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by Senate. 5 dentists, 2 hygienists, 2 public members.

Board responsibilities
Enforce Iowa laws & Board rules pertaining to dentistry, dental hygiene, and dental assisting.

Board responsibilities 2
Issues licenses, registrations, certificates, and permits.
Sets standards (For Iowa only) for: licensure and registration, renewal, continuing education, and practice

Board responsibilities 3
Board rules are passed by the Board. They are always changing. State laws are passed by the Iowa Legislature.

Dental Hygiene committee
2 hygienists, 1 dentist member of the board (dentist elected annually)

What the board doesn’t do:
OSHA: Federal government (but we require compliance)
CDC: But licensees are required to follow their recommendations and we do perform inspections. Suggests, not laws.
Radiology inspections: Department of Public Health
Labor Laws: Iowa Workforce Development (Labor Services Division)

What the board doesn’t do 2:
Insurance or medicaid questions, Drug registration (DEA & Iowa pharmacy board), Dental Assistant certification (DANB), IDA, IDHA, IDAA (their goal is to promote the profession, while the board’s responsibility is to protect the public)

Applying for registration
Be truthful, background checks can be required, registration grants you the privilege to practice and also certain responsibilities, both on/off the job. You may have your initial registration issued & renewed at the same time, if the issue date is within 90 days of August 31(odd years)

Applying for registration 2
No longer require copies of diploma or CPR car (just expiration date)

Combined RDA and radiology App fee is $60, seperately $40 each. $25 trainee app fee and $25 fee for duplicate. Licenses must be displayed at permanent location according to 650-10.2 (147,153). 10.2(1) states additional certificates can be obtained at the request if more than one location.

What is a dental assistant
Dental assistant: under the supervision of a dentist performs any extraoral services including infection control, dental radiography, or the use of hazardous materials or performs any intraoral services on patients. MUST be a dental assistant.

What does this mean
Anyone who performs any duties listed in the definition must be REGISTERED with the Board as a dental assistant or dental assistant trainee. Exemptions: Nurses who are currently licensed (except those that engage in dental radiology- XDA), and hygienists who are currently licensed (not all expanded functions).
Not exempt: Graduates of DA programs, CDA’s, DANB, people who only fill in occasionally or just do infection control.

Types of dental assistants
DA trainees: new employees, allowed to train on the job for up to a a year while meeting the requirements for registration. Must stop all DA duties if trainee status expires. Must pass exams in infection control/Rad/juris(good for 3 years). If you fail exams twice you must receive remedial education.Trainees may restart up to 2 times. Trainees may not work independently, must work with a licensee or registrant.

Types of dental assistants 2
Registered dental assistants: may have added qualification in dental radiology, may have additional training in expanded functions.

Expanded functions for RDAs
To be eligible for expanded functions: currently certified by DANB, or have 2 years of clinical dental assisting experience as a RDA, or have 2 years of clinical dental assisting experience as a dental assistant in a state that does not require registration.
Current board rules do not allow RDHs to perform ALL of the DA expanded function duties.

Expanded function duties
Taking occlusal registrations, placement and removal of gingival retraction, taking final impressions, fabrication and removal of provisional restorations, aplying cavity liners and bases, desensitizing agents and bonding systems, placement and removal of dry socket medication, placement of periodontal dressings, testing pulp vitality,and monitoring nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia.

Scope of practice-DA
Dental Assistants can not diagnose. The practice of dentistry or dental hygiene by a dental assistant is considered unauthorized practice.

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