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Primary care
Essential component of the US healtcare system, focuses on continuous and routine care of an individual, delivered by physician nurse practitioner midwife or physicians assistant
Secondary care
Focus is a short-term interventions may require a specialist interventions such as hospitalizations
Tertiary care
Complex level of medical care and is typically performed by surgeons who are physicians that perform abrasions to treat disease physical problems and injuries
Usually based on a referral from a primary care provider
Quaternary care
Extension of turd Tertiary care refers to highly specialized cutting-edge tertiary care performed and research facilities and highly specialized facilities
Proton beam therapy
Cutting edge technology with insufficient evidence base
Health career
Jobs that maintain the health and condition of the human body mentally and physically
Health careers give you the opportunity to
Save lives improve the health of all people and improve the quality of life
Physician ( public health )
Perform physical examinations and diagnose prevent and treat illness injuries and other disorders of the human body
State license required
4-8 years of training
Specialty Maldistribution
Differences in salaries are your reason for shortages of generalists
Also known as primary care physician’s such as family care practitioners internal medicine physicians and general pediatrics
Focus is preventive services such as immunizations and health examinations
Required to be certified in their area of specialization
Some examples are dermatology cardiology pediatrics pathology
Nonphysician practitioners(NPP)
Includes non-physician clinicians(NPC) and mid-level practitioners(MLP), often called physician extenders. Categories include physician assistant (PA) nurse practitioners (NP) and certified nurse practitioners (CNP)
Physician assistant(PA)
Provide a range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients, must be associated and supervised by a physician
Largest group health professionals, however shortage of nurses nationwide, provide the majority of care to patients
Licensed practical nurse (LPN)
Training takes 12 to 14 months including both education and supervise clinical practice
Registered nurses(RN)
Hey trainers who has been licensed by the state board, can be registered in more than one state, associations agree or four year degree
Two or four years and licensure
Advance practical nurse (APN)
Mid-level practitioners nurses who have experience and education be on the requirement of a registered nurse, teen a Masters of science in nursing
3 to 5 years experience +2 years and certification
Nurse practitioners ( NP)
Required to obtain a registered nurse and a masters degree or darker a program, they emphasize health education and promotion as well as disease treatment
Certified nurse midwives(CNM)
Registered nurses who have graduated from a nurse midwifery education program that has been accredited by the American College of nurse midwives division of accreditation
Certified midwives(CM)
The visuals would do not have a nursing degree but have a related health background, must take the midwifery education program
Certified nursing assistant(CNA)
Unlicensed patient attendants who work under the supervision of physicians and nurses, answer patient called bills that need their service assist patients with personal hygiene changing beds for dinner meals and assist patients with her ADLs
120 hours and certification
Prevent, diagnose, and treat teeth, gum and mouth diseases, required to complete for years of dental school for minute credited dental school once he passes agrees completed
Dental assistants
Clean patient’s teeth and educate patient on proper dental care, work directly with dentists in the preparation and treatment patient
Dental hygienist
Clean teeth examine patients for oral diseases and provide other preventative dental care
Need an associates degree in dental hygiene
Responsible for dispensing medication that has been prescribed by physician dentist for physicians assistant, require applicants I have taken courses such as chemistry biology and anatomy
Need at least 2 to 3 years of undergraduate study
Have a holistic approach to treating their patients, requires earning a doctor of chiropractic degree and getting a state license
Main providers a vision care, they examine peoples eyes to diagnose vision problems, May prescribed my glasses or contact lenses lenses need a ODU degree
Study the human mind and human behavior, some collaborate with physicians social workers and others to treat illness and promote overall wellness
Provide medical and surgical care for people suffering from foot ankle and lower leg problems, they diagnose illnesses treat injuries and perform surgery
Have a doctor of podiatric medicine degree of four-year degree after earning a bachelors degree
Allied health professionals
Divided into four main categories: Laboratory technologist and technicians, therapeutic science practitioners, behavioral scientists and support services
Provide support to physicians and nurses
Medical and health services managers
These require them to be licensed but requirements vary by state at least a bachelors degree to enter the occupation but masters degree is also common
Dietitian and nutritionist
Professionals trained in applying principles from nutrition to food selection snd meal preparation
Four or more years at least bachelors degree
License or certification registration
Radiologic technologists (RT)
Specialize in the use of x-rayed equipment and advanced computer aided imaging equipment to create images of internal structures of the body for medical diagnostic purposes training is two or more years, licensure required
Respiratory therapists
Specialize in evaluation treatment and care of patients with breathing problems training is two or more years license required in most states
Emergency medical technicians (EMT) paramedics
Provide immediate care for sick or injured people and transport them to medical facilities training this 200 to 330 hours for EMT and 1100 to 1500 hrs. for paramedic and license is required
Athletic trainers and exercise psychologist
Athletic trainer specialize in preventing diagnosing and treating muscle and bone injuries and illnesses. Exercise psychologist developed fitness and exercise programs that help patients recover from chronic diseases
Training is a bachelor degree or higher, license certification required
Surgical technologist
Work closely with surgeons anesthesiologists nurses and other personal to deliver appropriate patient care before during and after surgery
Training is eight months to two years certification requirements vary by state
Physical therapist (PT)
Provide services that help restore function improve Moberly relieve pain and prevent the limit permanent physical disabilities
Eligibility requirements vary by state you have to pass a national physical therapy examination
Physical therapist assistants(PTA)
Needing moderate degree of strength because of the physical exertion required in this is some patients with the treatment
license and certification required for PTA in most states
Occupational therapists
Treat people with mental physical development over emotional disabilities they help individuals develop or maintain daily living skills and cope with the physical and emotional disability they must be licensed registered the choir any messes agreeing occupational therapy from an accredited program
Must have six months of supervised fieldwork national and state examination
Speech language pathology
Call speech therapist XSI nose tree and help to prevent disorders related to speech language communication voice fluency
A masters degree is the most common level of education, must be licensed in most states can earn the certification of clinical competence in SLP
Work with people who have hearing balance and related ear problems need a doctoral degree (4 years) must be licensed in all states requirements vary by state
Licensed clinical social workers

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