Health Practice Exam Review

which of theses is not an example of aerobic exercise?
jumping rope
a good example of an aerobic activity is:
chronic disease
a disease the develops gradually and continues over a long period of time.
——– are the number of times an exercise is performed.
stroke, type 2 diabetes
some chronic diseases that are related to lifestyle include: cardiovascular disease, ——– and ————-.
health-related fitness
—————- describes the qualities that are necessary for maintaining a healthy body.
physical fitness
the ability of the body to perform daily tasks without getting out of breath, sore, or overly tired while avoiding diseases related to a lack of activity.
ice cream
Which of the following foods belong to the milk group?
sodium is liked to high blood pressure
why is it important to limit the amount of sodium in your diet?
which of the following should be the main source of food energy?
the class of nutrient that is essential for body growth and repair is:
a deficiency of calcium can lead to:
make up 45-65% of daily caloric intake
For a healthful diet, nutrients mus t be consumed in different amounts. For example, carbohydrates should:
take nutrients and energy
what statement best describes how diet can influence health?
a single sugar called glucose
the carbohydrate that circulates in your blood and provides energy for your cells is a:
——– must meet their nutritional needs by following the MyPyramid recommendations for each child based on age, sex and level of physical activity.
Teens’ diets
———- ——– tend to be low in calcium iron and riboflavin.
release of dopamine causes pleasure
the brain reward system describes how:
—– can enter your body through inhalation & ingestion, by release from implanted pumps or injection, via transdermal patches and topical application.
food and Drug Administration
the agency responsible for ensuring the safety of food, drugs, and cosmetics is:
they are not regulated by FDA
Herbal remedies and dietary supplements differ from OTC medicines because
it was taken with another medicine
The effects of a medicine can be influenced by whether
side effects, allergic reactions
Problems that can occur as a result of drug use include: ——————-, —————- and drug interactions.
drug use, tolerance, dependence, addiction
the path to addiction follows which of the following sequences?
———– is considered a drug because it causes a change in a person’s physical and emotional state.
enhanced vision
which of the following is not a short term effect of alcohol?
Which of the following is not a long term effect of alcohol?
alcohol abuse
Drinking alcohol at inappropriate times is known as ——————–
drinking and driving
which is not a stage of alcoholism?
lost productivity
which of the following effects does alcohol-related illness and premature death.
motor vehicle accidents
what is the number one cause of death among teens?
zero tolerance laws
what are the new laws called that make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 with any amount of alcohol in his or her system?
achieving goals
which of the following is unlikely to result from alcohol abuse?
If you were organizing an educational campaign on the dangers of drinking alcohol, you would most likely have a guest speaker from which of the following organizations?
recovery can be an ongoing progress
which of the following is true of alcoholism?
tobacco use
the most avoidable cause of death in the United States is considered to be:
carbon monoxide
the blood’s ability to carry oxygen is blocked by:
age that drinking begins
which of the following is a controllable risk factor for alcoholism?
mouth sores, oral cancer
smokeless tobacco can lead to ————– and ————.
Tobacco smoke paralyzes and kills
increased energy
which of the following is not a short-term effect of tobacco use?
herbal cigarettes
——— ————, which may contain tobacco despite their names are also called cloves, bidis, and kreteks.
a way cope with stress
which is not a reason that you would give a friend to encourage him or her to refrain from smoking?
lower insurance premiums
which is not one of the costs of tobacco use?
refusal skills
for ——- ——–, you may find it difficult to keep resisting when you’re under pressure from your friends.
a few days
when you stop using tobacco, your sense of smell and taste will return within:
some illegal drug users share needles
when using illegal drugs the risk of catching certain infectious diseases increases because
——– are at a higher risk of using illegal drugs because of the pressures and changes associated with adolescence.
———– effects are not as strong as those of marijuana.
long-term alcohol users
the changes in the brain seen in marijuana users are similar to those seen in:
anabolic steroids
in men, ——– ——- cause a shutdown of normal testosterone production.
repeated use of ——————– causes permanent kidney or liver damage.
flashbacks are one of the dangerous side effects associated with:
effects of powdered cocaine last longer
which of the following describes one difference between powdered cocaine and crack cocaine.
it is highly addictive
one of the serious dangers of heroin is:
medications should not be included
which of the following is not true about effective drug abuse treatment?
stay away from people who uses drugs
the best way to avoid drugs is to:
infectious diseases
————- ————- can be spread by means of the environment, food and water, and animals .
which of the following is an infectious disease?
which of the following cause infectious diseases?
skipping meals
which of the following is not a long term strategy for preventing disease?
which of the following is not an example of a controllable risk factor?
level of sun exposure
which of the following is not an example of an uncontrollable risk factor?
the risk factor that also determines an individual’s sex is:
cardiovascular disease
heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke, and high blood pressure are all different kinds of:
have diabetes
Your risk of developing CVD increases if you
with an ECG
One way to detect CVD is
over 140/90
blood pressure is considered high if it is
stroke occurs when there is an interruption of blood flow to the:
cancer and type 2 diabetes
Diet, exercise and tobacco affect your risk of developing:
——— is characterized by uncontrolled cell growth.
invades healthy tissue
a maligant tumor is a mass of cells that
not smoking
your chances of developing cancer of the skin can be reduced by
——— is released into the blood when blood-glucose levels are high.
——————- can be caused by plaques, low blood pressure, and a stroke.
avoiding alcohol
the risk of developing type 2 diabetes can be reduced by:
raising blood pressure
which of the following does not help reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease?
arteries become narrow because of a build up of fatty material
during the development of atherosclerosis,