A “Defibrillator” is used to correct ________
Abnormal heart beats or rhythms
2. An “Otoscope” is used to view the:
3. An “EMG” is used to record information about _____ electrical activity.
Skeletal muscle
A trephine is used to remove___.
5. A “Myelogram” is used to record _______ information:
Spinal cord/ nerve tissue
6. The ____________is used to treat brain cancer by directing radiation at precise brain locations.
Gamma Knife
7. A “_______” is a noninvasive roentgenography diagnostic technique.
Computerized Axial Tomography
8. The term “Sphygmo/mano/meter” literally means:
To measure the pulse by hand
. A body part which is formed of two or more types of body tissue and performs one or more specific functions is called a(n)
10. The term that describes movement toward the top of the body is:
11. The directional term that means “toward the lower end of the body” is:
12. The directional term for movement toward the back of the body is:
13. Bone is described as _____ tissue.
14. “Angiograms” are used for ________:
Recording pictures of vessels
15. A “Thallium – Hot Spot Test” is used to detect _____ damage:
16. The term “Intramuscular Injection-IM” literally means:
within a muscle
17. About how many men will develop breast cancer?
1 in 1000
18. The directional term ‘inferior’ describes movement:
Toward the lower end of the body
A ‘Plantar Wart’ is located on the:
Sole of the foot
20. The term “Catheter” literally means:
to let down, into
21. Which of these was the first 3D-printed drug approved by the FDA?
22. The term “Biopsy” literally means:
The procedure of viewing life
23. The term “Ophthalmo/scop/e” means:
: An instrument to examine the eye
24. The term “Auscult/ation” literally means:
process or procedure for listening
A “Spinal Tap” is used to ________:
Take fluid samples from the spinal fluid
The term ‘coronal’ or ‘frontal plane’ divides the body into the:
Anterior and posterior portions
The combining form hist/o- means:
: tissue or web-like
The movement in which a limb is placed in a straight position is called
: extension
29. Which of these conditions would be treated with Phakic IOLs?
30. A “PET Scan” is used to detect glucose or energy use levels of the ________:
31. Body “X-rays” produce pictures of _____body tissue and bones:
32. The term “ocular” literally means:
refers to the eye
33. The term “Phlebotomy” means:
to cut into a vein
34. If one is flat on their back and face up, they are in a _____ position.
35. The term that describes the direction closest to the point of origin is:
36. A “EKG or ECG” is used to record information about _____ electrical activity.
37. An “Electro Shock Therapy – EST” is also known as:
electric convulsive therapy
38. A “Pacemaker” can be external or internal and usually generates electrical stimuli to the heart muscle with ________:
fixed and/or alternate impulses
39. The term “Mammogram” means:
a recording of the breast
40. “Cryosurgery” is used to treat ________:
verrucae or warts
The term “Percuss/ion” literally means:
process or procedure of striking
42. The directional term ‘lateral’ describes movement in which direction:
to the side
43. The “Pyelogram” records information about the _____:
kidney pelvis
44. The term “Bronchoscope” literally means:
instrument to view trachea-like structures
Laser assisted surgery “LASIK” is used to correct
myopia (and hyperopia)
46. The abbreviation “ICU” refers to a(n):
intensive care unit
47. “Fluoroscopy” is used to record ________:
moving body parts
48. The term “Tympanostomy” literally means:
procedure of cutting and making a mouth-like opening in the ear drum
49. The term that describes movement toward the front of the body is:
50. What cellular organelle contains chromosomes and has the literal meaning “nut”?
51. The term “Intravenous Injection -IV” means:
within a vein
52. The term defined as the process of drawing away from the mid-line or middle is:
53. A “_____” produces a radio frequency radiation pulse image of soft and hard tissue in multiple planes.
Magnetic resonance imaging (scan)- MRI
54. “Lithotripsy” is a procedure for crushing ________:
stones or calculi debris
55. The term “Nebuliz/er” means:
one who causes a mist
56. The term “Cryo/surg/er/y” literally means:
a procedure of one who works by hand with cold
57. The “KUB” examination looks for defects in the:
kidney, ureter, and bladder
58. A “Tonometer” measures pressure within the ________:
59. A “EEG” is used to record information about _____ electrical activity.
60. The procedure of using an instrument that produces high frequency sound waves to produce an image of the size or shape of a body part is called:
61. The term that divides the body into right and left halves is the:
sagittal plane