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sickle-cell anemia
If hypertension is left untreated, it may lead to the development of all of the following health conditions except (blindness, stroke, kidney-failure, sickle-cell anemia)

psychosocial factors
which of the following potential risks for heart disease can be controlled? (male-pattern baldness, psychosocial factors, race, age)

heart disease
metabolic syndrome makes a person more likely to develop (asthma, heart disease, cancer, seizures

genetic predisposition
Which of the following would not be considered a controllable risk factor for heart disease? (genetic predisposition, physical activity, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking)

metabolic syndrome includes all of the following except (abdominal obesity, cancer, abnormal cholesterol levels, high insulin levels)

regular alcohol consumption
Which of the following would not be an effective strategy for lowering blood cholesterol levels? (medication, regular alcohol consumption, weight management, physical activity)

occurs in pregnant women
Gestational diabetes (is usually referred to as type 1 diabetes, occurs in pregnant women, is known as juvenile-onset diabetes, occurs most often in children and teenagers)

the term for high blood pressure is (hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, hypotension, systolic elevation)

compounds in the blood made up of proteins and fat
Which of the following describes lipoproteins? (fatty substances found in food and also made by the body, lipids that make up the large percentage of dietary fats, compounds in the blood made up of sugars, compounds in the blood made up of proteins and fat)

cut back on high-fat foods
blood-cholesterol levels can most effectively be lowered by executing which of the following lifestyle changes? (stop smoking, cut back on high-fat foods, increase protein intake, have two alcoholic beverages per day)

Papilloma viruses
which virus may be a contributing factor in the development of cervical cancer? (adenoviruses, papilloma viruses, slow viruses, herpes viruses)

small parasitic worms that attack specific tissues or organs are known as (protozoa, viruses, helminthes, fungi)

all of the following are major forms of disease transmission except (plants, animals, food, water)

organisms that lack chlorophyll and consist of reproductive spores and threadlike fibers represent (bacteria, viruses, fungi, helminthes)

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is considered which type of virus? (filovirus, slow virus, herpes virus, retrovirus)

the tiniest and toughest pathogens are (helminthes, viruses, bacteria, protozoa)

A disease-causing organism is called a (lymphoid, vector, pathogen, host)

simple one-celled organisms that are the most plentiful pathogens are (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa)

herpes viruses
which of the following viruses lives primarily in the cells and flares up periodically? (herpes viruses, filoviruses, adenoviruses, papilloma viruses)

single-celled microscopic animals that release enzymes or toxins that destroy cells are called (viruses, helminthes, fungi, protozoa)

cool, dry places
STI pathogens are generally likely to hide and grow in all of the following except (dark places, moist parts of the body, warm environments, cool dry places)

an infectious agent tat can be passed from one sexual partner to another
in medical terms, sexually transmitted infection (STI) refers to the presence of (symptoms, any infectious agent, an infectious agent that can be passed from one sexual partner to another, HIV)

all of the choices
Even though the human skin is a tough barrier against infection, viruses and bacteria can enter when the skin is (needle-punctured, chapped, cut, all of the choices)

which stage of syphilis is identified by a chancre on the male organ? (there is no chancre, primary, secondary, tertiary)

in the ABCs of safer sex, the “A” stands for (abrasive, abstain, aggressive, avoidance)

recovery from syphilis
all of the following are stages of syphilis infection except (secondary syphilis, recovery from syphilis, latent syphilis, primary syphilis)

HIV can lie in blood, vaginal fluid, and breast milk
which of the following is a true statement regarding the HIV virus? (HIV can live in blood, vaginal fluid, and breast milk, you can get HIV from touching a toilet seat in a public restroom, you can tell by looking at a person where he/she has HIV, the HIV virus is quite easy to contract)

young people of college age account for about what percentage of new cases of sexually transmitted infections? (10%, 25%, 75%, 50%)

kissing an infected person
Herpes simplex 1 is primarily transmitted by (genital contact, contaminated hands, using someone’s toothbrush, kissing an infected person)

burrow under the skin
scabies differs from pubic lice in that they (are bigger, are only found in bedding, burrow under the skin, eat pubic hair)

the patient
Medical records are whose property? (the hospital, the patient, the doctor, the health insurance company)

all of the following are alternative medical systems except (naturopathy, biofeedback, ayurveda, homeopathy)

health maintenance organizations
managed-care health plans that emphasize routine care and prevention by providing complete medical services in exchange for a predetermined monthly payment are (point-of-service plans, health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, fee-for-service)

a licensed healthcare professional who treats eye diseases and performs surgery is called an (orthodontist, occupational therapist, optometrist, opthalmologist)

checking for head lice
all of the following are basic components of a good physical exam except (examining the neck, checking the head for lice, looking into the eyes, probing the abdomen)

informed consent
a patient must give consent for hospitalization, surgery, and other major treatments, this is known as (a living will, informed consent, guardian consent, malpractice)

which example refers to the ancient Chinese form of medicine based on the philosophy that a cycle of energy circulates through the body to control health? (reflexology, acupressure, chiropractic, acupuncture)

combining selected elements of conventional and alternative medicines
integrative medicine refers to (the use of herbal medicines for treatment, more natural focus on medical such as naturopathy, combining selected elements of conventional and alternative medicines, use of Ayurveda medicine)

select the condition that could not be detected by a screening test at home (colon cancer, osteoporosis, HIV, pregnancy)

your best defense against medical errors is (using a doctor who only takes private insurance, information, having regular annual checkups, malpractice insurance)

driver inattention
cell phone usage causes most problems while driving due to (not being able to hear due to road noise, driver inattenton, using a hands-free phone model, inability to recognize objects encountered)

what percentage of all bicycle riders in the u.s. wear helmets regularly? (15%, 50%, 25%, 65%)

college with a population of at least 10,000 students
sexual harassment is more likely to occur at a (college with a population of at least 10000 students, public college, single-sex school, division 1 school)

both b and c
which provides the best protection against spine fractures (shatter-proof glass, air bags, seat belts, both b and c)

which is not one of the three types of distraction? (visual, cognitive, manual, auditory)

all of the following are risk factors for accidents except (weight, stress, age, alcohol)

men age 19-29
which group is least likely to wear seat belts? (men age 14-18, women age 19-29, men age 19-29, women age 14-18)

the leading cause of death in the home is (drowning, burns, choking, poisoning)

the second leading cause of automobile accidents is related to (not using one’s seat belt, speeding, alcohol, fatigue-unalert)

motor vehicle crashes
what would you judge to be the leading cause of death among college-age men and women? (drug overdose, alcohol poisoning, motor vehicle crashes, suicide)
a and b only
if we love God, we should (honor and protect His creation, give tribute and praise for His wonderful creation, vehemently and aggressively protest any destructive actions against his creation by others)

formaldehyde is commonly used in all of the following except (paint, plywood, carpet backing, foam insulation)

_______ is (are) the second leading cause of lung cancer (formaldehyde, sufates, environmental tobacco smoke, radon)

mental confusion
all of the following are health problems associated with pollution except (headaches, reproductive problems, mental confusion, impaired vision)

abestos, a mineral widely used for building insulation, has been linked to which of the following types of cancer? (lung prostate, liver, breast)

lawn mowers
all of the following are examples of electromagnetic fields except (power lines, electric blankets, light fixtures, lawn mowers)

research has provided scientific reasons to recommend bottled water over tap water
all of the following are true statements about bottled water, except (most bottled water comes from an urban water supply, bottled water at natural sources are usually tested less than the urban water supply, research has provided scientific reasons to recommend bottled water over tap water, Americans drink more soft drinks than bottled water)

loudness, or the intensity of sound, is measured in (hertz, decibels, joules, newtons)

all of the above
which of the following is one of the two relevant teachings in scripture that establishes a foundation for developing a theology of nature and environmental stewardship? (God gave humans stewardship responsibilities over creation, God values nature independent of but never about people, all of the above, none of the above)

a rock concert
which of the following has the highest decibel levels and poses the greatest risk of injury (city traffic, a chain saw, a subway train, a rock concert)

at age 44 a person is most likely to die from (hearth disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer)

the heart stops beating
cellular death occurs after (the soul leaves the body, the heart stops beating, brain activity stops, respiration stops)

which stage of the death responses is perhaps the most difficult? (bargaining, anger, depression, acceptance)

what seems likely to be the stage of Kubler-Ross’ death responses in which a person would question why it is happening and has strong feelings of resentment? (bargaining, anger, depression acceptance)

which stage of the death responses represents the individual realizing death is a reality? (bargaining, denial, depression, acceptance)

advance directives
directions that specify the kind of medical treatment individuals want in case of a medical crisis are known as (last wishes, advance directives, final instructions, last will)

the moment the heart stops beating
death represents (when the soul leaves the body, cells dying off due to the lack of oxygen, the moment the heart stops beating, when the brain ceases functioning)

functional death
the end of all vital functions, including heartbeat and respiration, is known as (functional death, cellular death, cardiac death, brain death)

heart disease
At age 65, a person is most likely to die from (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer)

brain death
Death that is confirmed by an electroencephalogram is (functional death, cellular death, cardiac death, brain death)

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