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Which action does not keep your immune system working effectively?
avoiding close contact with healthy people
Which of the following cause infectious disease?
Your’s body’s ability to destroy pathogens that it previously encountered is called
Which of the following is not a controllable risk factor
The incidence of heart disease is lower in
heart attack, atherosclerosis, stoke and high blood pressure are all
cardiovascular disease
Your risk of developing CVD increases if you
A diet high in fiver can help prevent
heart disease
Asbestos, HPV, chemicals found in tobacco smoke and exposure to radioactivity and UV radiation are causes of
The form of cancer that affects the tissues that produce blood is called
The STD that is growing at the fastest rate among 15-19 year olds in the US is
female teens are
at a higher risk of getting an STD than an adult is
Gonorrhea can infect
the rectum
Pelvic inflammatory disease can
lead to abdominal pain, fever and infertility
Which of the following best describes AIDS
a DISEASE that is due to a weakened immune system
When testing for HIV, doctors look for the presence of
HIV antibodies
HIV is a virus that usually infects
people who participate in high risk activities
Symptoms of immune system failure include
swollen lymph glands, weight loss, forgetfulness
a common disease caused by a _________ is athlete’s foot
The sonner you start taking care of your heart and blood vessels, the more likely you are to avoid developing ________________
cardiovascular disease
Phase 1 of syphilis is characterized by a
HIV stands for
Human immune virus
AIDS is the leading cause of death in
young people
One of the fastest growing groups of people infected with the HIV virus in the US is
15-30 year olds
When the helper T cells in the blood falls below 200 per milliliter of blood or when at least one AIDS-defining condition is present, a patient is diagnosed with
The amount of ____ in mucus or saliva is not enough to spread ____
T cells in HIV
Doctors measure the amount of ___________ and the number of __________ in the blood to monitor the health of HIV positive patients
HIV antibodies and Helper T cells
4 ways diseases are spread
person to person, animal to person, through objects like desks, through the air
3 signs of inflammation
redness, swelling, abnormal looking skin
Risk factors for lifestyle diseases you can’t control
age, gender, ethnicity
Risk factors you can control for lifestyle diseases
diet, weight, smoking, sun exposure, exercise
One available source for answers to questions
teacher or health book
Two actions that you can take to help people who are infected with HIV
Tell them to go to a doctor, give them information you gather
Why does practicing abstinence an important way to prevent HIV infection
Then you are not at risk for getting HIV
How does a vaccination work to prevent disease?
A vaccine injects little bits of dead virus so your body can recognize the virus and kill it.
Does failure to take an antibiotic as prescribed pose a risk to anyone other than the patient? Why or why not?
Yes, because then antibiotic resistant bacteria grow which can spread to other people
2 behaviors that cause high blood pressure; why is it dangerous
eating fatty foods and not exercising; high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and diabettes
What to do about vaginal discharge and mild pain in her lower abdomen three weeks after intercourse with husband?
Go to doctor now because if she does have an STD, it important t catch it and treat it early.
How does unwed pregnancy affect a ccouple?
Probably cannot pursue goals because they will have to take care of baby and wont’ have time for school.
AIDS virus itself does not cause death. Explain what causes death in an affected person.
More at risk to have other diseases since their immune system is weak; these diseases can kill them
2 reasons for being sexually abstinent
Not at risk for STDs; Can do other things like go to a movie, buy flowers
Why are teens fastest growing groups infected with HIV?
Teens are reckless and often sleep with more people than those in monogamous relationships
Vaccine for A and B, not for C
You can get it from cuts
Inhaling it can kill you
It can be used as a biological weapon since there is no vaccine
Lyme disease
Spread by ticks
Can be healed with antibiotics
Spread through sexual intercourse
Both partners should be treated to cure it
4 warning signs of cancer
sore that doesn’t heal; unusual bleeding, lump, change in mole

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