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a condition in which a person can no longer control his or her drug use
any substance that causes a change in a person’s physical or psychological state
drug interaction
when a drug reacts with another drug, food, or dietary supplement such that the effect of one of the substances is greater or smaller
generic medicine
a medicine made by a company other than the company that developed the original medicine
any drug used to cure, prevent, or treat illness or discomfort
Food and Drug Administration
Food and Drug Administration
control the safety of food, drug, and cosmetics in the US
uncomfortable physical and psychological symptoms produced when a physically dependent drug user stops using drugs
a drug that temporarily increases a person’s energy and alertness
side effect
any effect that is caused by a drug and that is different from the drug’s intended effect
a written order from a doctor for a specific medicine
over the counter medicine
any medicine that can be bought without a prescription
brain damage, long term brain damage, addiction
problems that can occur as a result of drug use
6 ways that drugs enter your body
implanted pumps, ingestion, inhalation, injection, topical application, transdermal patches
least important to consider when choosing an OTC medicine
brand name
test the drug, tested again on animals, testing on human volunteers, tested on humans with illness
sequence of events in the approval of medicine for human use
4 stages of drug addiction
drug use, tolerance, dependence, addiction
effectiveness, minor side effects, safety
3 qualities good medicines have
the drug in wine, beer, and liquor that causes intoxication
a disease that causes a person to lose control of his or her drinking behavior; a physical and emotional addiction to alcohol
blood alcohol concentration
the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood, expressed as a percentage
alcohol abuse
drinking too much alcohol, drinking it too often, or drinking it at inappropriate times
binge drinking
the act of drinking five or more drinks in one sitting
a deadly disease that replaces healthy liver tissue with scar tissue; most often caused by long-term alcohol abuse
a condition in which a family member or friend sacrifices his or her own needs to meet the needs of an addict
helping an addict avoid the negative consequences of his or her own behavior
the physical and mental changes produced by drinking alcohol
disagreeable physical effects following heavy consumption of alcohol or the use of other drugs
zero tolerance laws
nobody under 21 can drive with any alcohol in their blood
Driving Under the Influence-applies to anyone with a BAC above 0.08
designated driver
a person who chooses not to drink alcohol in a social setting so that he or she can safely drive himself or herself and others
fetal alcohol syndrome
a set of physical and mental defects that affect a fetus that has been exposed to alcohol because of the mothers consumption of alcohol during pregnancy
Students Against Drunk Driving
provide treatment and support for people with alcoholics in their family
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
most widely used program, involves a 12 step recovery method and regular meetings
anaphylactic shock
serious allergic reaction
Why is alcohol considered a drug?
causes a change in a person’s physical and emotional state
irritates the mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach/ makes the heart work harder/ makes the body lose heat/ causes the liver to work harder/ causes dehydration
5 short term effects of alcohol use on the body
5 long term effects of alcohol use on the body
brain damage, including shruken brain and dead brain cells/ hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer/ decreased ability to absorb vitamins/ diminshed immune system function, which makes fighting off disease difficult/ irritation to the esophagus and stomach, stomach bleeding, cancer of the mouth, esophagus, and stomach/ irregular heatbeat, high blood pressure, emlargement of the heart, anemia
age, social environment, genetics, risk-taking personality
risk factors for alcoholism
leading cause of death in teens
motor vehicle accidents
0.08 or above
DUI applies to anyone with a BAC level of what?
stages of alcoholism
problem drinking, tolerance, dependence, alcoholism
guilty feelings, ignoring ones own needs, neglect and isolation, protecting alcoholic, unpredictable behavior, violence
negative side effects that alcohol can have on a family

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