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The most popular drug on college campuses is
binge drinking
Heavy drinking within a 2-hour period is described as
Alcohol consumption
The leading cause of preventable death among college students in the United States is
The addictive drug in beer, wine, and liquor is
The rate at which alcohol is absorbed and metabolized in the body is _______ depending on individual factors.
alcohol dehydrogenase
Which enzyme is responsible for the metabolism of alcohol in the liver?
Alcohol is metabolized in the liver, where it is converted to
alcohol; blood volume
Blood alcohol concentration is the ratio of _____ to total _____ ______.
blood analysis
The most accurate method of determining blood alcohol concentration is
learned behavior tolerance
Vincent, a heavy drinker, can consume a lot of alcohol yet appear to be sober. This is known as
CNS depressant
Alcohol (ethanol) is a
alcohol poisoning
An inability to be roused, a rapid or irregular pulse, and slowed breathing are signs of
Headache, muscle aches, nausea, anxiety, depression, and thirst are symptoms of a
A condition of severe liver damage that usually results from alcohol abuse is
fetal alcohol syndrome
On her first prenatal visit to the doctor, Marlene is warned about the dangers of drinking alcohol while pregnant. If she drinks, which condition could affect her unborn child?
Mental impairment
Children born with fetal alcohol syndrome exhibit which of the following traits?
Respiratory difficulties Spinal deformity Mental impairment Muscular atrophy
daily responsibilities; violation
The use of alcohol becomes the abuse when it interferes with ____ _______ or involves a ______ of the law.
physical and psychological dependence
As with other drugs, alcohol abuse can lead to
suffer; dynamics
Regarding family, they _____ and become part of the _______ of addiction.
Grace is a 14-year-old child of alcoholic parents. She draws attention away from her family’s primary problem by smoking, shoplifting, and cutting school.
Franco is a 10-year-old child of alcoholic parents. He copes by being the family clown, always providing comic relief in a difficult situation. What role is he assuming?
A method used by family and friends to help an alcoholic confront the disease is
Which type of treatment for alcoholism deters drinking by reducing the pleasurable effects of alcohol or by causing an individual to become ill if alcohol is consumed?
family members; friends
Al-Anon differs from Alcoholics Anonymous in that it seeks to help ____ _____ and _____ of alcoholics.
alcoholic hepatitis
Long-term alcohol abusers can develop a chronic inflammation of the liver known as
alcohol dependence
When personal and health problems related to alcohol use have become severe and a person suffers withdrawal symptoms if they don’t drink, they have reached the point of alcoholism or
tobacco use
The single most preventable cause of death in the United States is
people with a college degree
Which of the following groups is least likely to smoke? People with a college degree
People with a high school diploma
People with less than 12 years of education
People with a family history of cancer
The rate of cigarette smoking among college students is
social smoker
Beth only smokes when she goes out with her friends. What type of smoker is she?
lung cancer
The tar in cigarette smoke contains chemicals that contribute to the development of
It is a highly addictive chemical stimulant.
Which of the following statements about nicotine is true?
It is the only chemical present in cigarette smoke.
It is a form of condensed particulate matter from tobacco.
It is a highly addictive chemical stimulant.
It irritates the lungs but does not accumulate in the lungs.
carbon monoxide
Jeff smokes cigarettes. What is the most dangerous gas that he inhales with each puff?
Small, hand-rolled, flavored cigarettes usually made in India or Southeast Asia are
Alex uses chewing tobacco every day and has done this since he was 15 years old. He notices leathery white patches inside his mouth. What is this condition?
15 years
Della recently quit her 20-year smoking habit. How long will it take for her risk of cardiovascular disease to become the same as a person who has never smoked?
Which factor most affects a smoker’s lung cancer risk? The time of day cigarettes are smoked Exposure to secondhand smoke as a child The age the person started smoking
Which smoking-related disease destroys the air sacs in the lungs?
passive smoking
Inhaling smoke from another person’s cigarette, pipe, or cigar is
nicotine withdrawal
Irritability, nausea, vomiting, and agitation are typical symptoms of
extreme discomfort
Smoking-cessation medications are designed to affect brain chemistry to
improve mood and reduce anxiety. speed up metabolism so the body processes nicotine faster. produce extreme discomfort if a person smokes.
blood pressure
When a smoker quits, what is one of the most immediate effects? Ability to smell and taste improves. Blood pressure drops to normal. Circulation improves. Oxygen level in the blood increases.
not smoke
Smokers who quit “cold turkey” simply decide to not smoke again. belong to support groups. get help from a treatment program. gradually reduce their dependence on nicotine.
sidestream smoke
When Paul meets his friends for an evening at a smoke-filled bar, he is exposed to secondhand smoke, also known as negligible smoke. mainstream smoke. sidestream smoke. involuntary smoke.
sidestream smoke
Tim enjoys a cigar occasionally when he and his buddies watch a football game. When he inhales, he is exposed to voluntary smoke. mainstream smoke. sidestream smoke. involuntary smoke.
A finely ground powdered form of smokeless tobacco is snuff. bidis. chewing tobacco. plugs.
A chronic condition that many smokers develop in which the lungs become inflamed and excess mucus is produced is
Particulate matter in cigarette smoke that condenses in the lungs to form a thick, brownish sludge is known as
nicotine poisoning
A condition often experienced by first-time smokers produces symptoms that include lightheadedness, dizziness, rapid pulse, nausea, and vomiting; this condition is known as:
brain chemistry
Psychoactive drugs affect mood and behavior by altering
Chemicals in the body that transmit nerve impulses are
no prescription
What is true about over-the-counter (OTC) drugs?
Drugs delivered via which route of administration have the most rapid effect on the body?
intravenous injection
The most dangerous route of administration for drug users is
Ella is using a nicotine patch to help her quit smoking. This route of drug administration is
polydrug use
The use of two or more drugs simultaneously is known as
A physiological tolerance to one drug that reduces the effects of another drug is
The interaction of two or more drugs that produces more profound effects than if the drugs were taken separately is
excessive use of a drug
Drug abuse defined as
Abuse of prescription drugs is
doctor shopping
When a drug abuser sees several doctors to obtain prescriptions, often for painkillers, this practice is known as
academic and social pressures
Which of the following factors would increase a college student’s risk of prescription drug abuse? Parents who are strongly opposed to drugs. Growing up in a religious environment. Academic and social pressures A roommate who smokes marijuana.
A drug that increases central nervous system activity is a
A drug that slows central nervous system activity is a
A drug that reduces anxiety and promotes mental calmness is a
Joel has developed a hole in his nasal septum from cocaine use. His method of cocaine use was
Brenda smokes a relatively inexpensive form of cocaine. What is this drug called?
Improved mood, increased energy and enhanced alertness are associated with small doses of which type of drugs
6 hours
Methamphetamine’s effects last longer than the effects of cocaine. A meth high can last more than
Ice, crank, crystal, and speed are street names for
Which drug is used most commonly used illicit drug in the United States?
The psychoactive substance in marijuana is
3 hours
David recently smoked a marijuana cigarette with his friends. How long will his “buzz” likely last?
Marijuana is administered therapeutically to offset which side effect of chemotherapy?
slows reaction time and decision making
Why does marijuana present clear dangers in regard to driving while under the influence?
Heroin, codeine, and morphine are which type of drug?
Another name for opioids is
The prescription drugs Vicodin, Percodan, Demerol, and OxyContin contain synthetic versions of
Drugs such as LSD that are capable of creating auditory or visual distortions are
Michael uses LSD, which is known on the street as
What is the most common psychological state produced by LSD?
Which of the following terms means a global outbreak and spread of a disease?
weakened condition
For disease to occur, the immune system of the host must be in a
impair ability to fight disease
Not getting enough sleep and eating a regular diet of junk food will have what effect on the immune system?
nutritional status
Which of the following risk factors for disease can you control?
Heredity Nutritional status Environmental conditions Age
chain of infection
The transmission of an infectious disease occurs through a process known as the
Greg has had cold sores most of his life. He is upset because he recently got “another herpes infection,” which is now in his eye. Transmission of the herpes virus to his eye most likely occurred by
Animals, insects, food, and water can all transmit
Which of the following makes the body vulnerable to pathogens?
Enzymes in body secretions Breaks in the skin or mucous membranes
Secretions produced by mucous membranes Cilia in the respiratory tract
Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and type 1 diabetes are examples of which type of disease?
Which type of blood cells play a primary role in the body’s immune response?
Monica lives in a residence hall suite with three friends. After breakfast, she had a sudden fever, a severe headache, and a stiff neck. Which of the following infections is most likely causing Monica’s symptoms?
Redness, swelling, pain, and heat are the cardinal signs of
By breast-feeding, Jennifer is providing which type of immunity for her baby?
persons with HIV
Which of the following groups has the highest risk of tuberculosis (TB)? Newborn infants
Persons with HIV College students living in close quarters IV drug users
Rocky Mountain spotted fever is transmitted by
Tuberculosis, meningitis, and staph infections are caused by
Stephanie has been infected with a virus but has not yet had any visible symptoms. This symptomless period during which a virus develops fully is known as
common cold
An example of an endemic disease is
Diseases caused by bacteria can be treated with
Infectious mononucleosis is caused by a
Hepatitis A
The form of hepatitis that can be contracted from eating food or drinking water contaminated with human feces is
Which process is occurring when infectious organisms establish themselves on a host without causing infection?
Hepatitis B
The form of hepatitis that is contracted through unprotected sex or sharing needles is
Bob is a 62-year-old male who had chicken pox as a child. This increases his risk for the virus to reoccur in the form of
Maria is three months pregnant. Which of the following viral infections has mild symptoms but could cause great threat to her fetus if contracted during pregnancy?
Jock itch is an example of a condition caused by a
staph infections
Boils, acne, and infected wounds are all associated with
Rabies is which type of pathogen carried by animals?
Which sexually transmitted infection has recently been implicated as a risk factor for coronary artery disease?
no cure
Which of the following is true about herpes? The herpes virus is only transmitted through sexual contact. Herpes is not a very common infection. At the present time, there is no cure for herpes. Once blisters or sores disappear, the virus is no longer present.
The virus that causes AIDS is the

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