Health and Welness Ch. 12 Cancer Prevention

Under normal conditions cells regularly produce ____________ to replace old warn-out cells and repair injuries?
themeselves ( cell growth)
What is Cell growth controlled by which is found in the nucleus of each cell?
What can lose their ability to regulate and control cell, forming a mass of tissue called tumor?
The body is made up of approximately how many cells?
100 trillion cells
When are tumors created?
When the cell loses the ability to regulate growth.
What are the 2 types of cancer?
1. Benign Tumor
2. Malignant Tumor
Cancer begins with what type of alteration?
What contains genes that work together to repair and replace cells?
What are genes that initiate cell divison?
What are Genes that deactivate cell division?
Tumor suppressor genes
Defects in these genes allow cells to grow where?
What are the External factors?
Radiation, Chemicals, Viruses
What are the Internal Factors?
Genetic Mutation, Immune Condition
What does cancer start with?
Abnormal growth of one cell.
Incidence of Cancer
• Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in the U.S
• In 2012, about 577,190 americans died from cancer.
• More than 1.6 million new cases were diagnosed.
• Tabacco and lifestyle are two leading causes of cancer.
• Cancer is predicted to affect 1 to 2 men and 1 to 3 in women.
• Expert predict that cancer will become the leading cause of death worldwide because of increase in tobacco use in developing countries.
American Cancer society guidelines
• Mainatain healthy body weight throughout life.
• Adopt a physically active lifestyle.
• Limit alcohol consumption ( if you drink).
Sun Cancer
• UV Rays- Sun Lamps radiation
• Linked to melanoma
• UV and B Rays- Cause Sunburn and all B types of skin cancer.
• Basal cell carcinoma- Squamous cell carcinoma
• To prevent skin cancer wear: Sunscreen, protective clothing
Protects from Cancer
• Excessive weight- Obese people have 50 % increased risk of dying from cancer.
• 14-20 people die from this.
• Tobacco- Smokeless tabacco and cigarette smoking increases cancer risk.
• Decreases life by 15 years.
Lung Cancer Risk Factors
• Smoking Status- Tabacco smoke causes 9 of 10 cases of lung cancer.
• Living with a smoker increases risk by 20 %
Colon and Rectum Cancer:
• Frequently after 50 yrs old.
• More common with a family history of diseases.
• Polyps disease associated with cancer.
• Higher risk with physical inactivity.
• Higher in black people, Jews.
Skin Cancer
• Protect from sun if outside longer than 10-20 mins.
• Light complexion red, or blond hair are higher risk.
• History of Melanoma or moles increase risk.
Breast Cancer
• Increases after the age of 50
• More frequent in white women
• Higher risk if there is a family history of disease.
• Risk higher is a women has a child after 30.
Cervical Cancer
• HPV is a big risk factor
• Smoking
• Poor Diet
• Birth Control pills
• Pregnancies 3 or more.
• Family History
Endomerial Cancer Risks
• Obesisty
• Children
• Common in older age
Warning Signs of Cancer
• Change in bowel or bladder habits
• Sores that don’t heal
• Unusual bleeding or discharge
• Thickening or lumps in breast or elsewhere.
• Indigestion or difficulty swallowing
• Obvious change in warts of mole.
• Nagging cough or horsness.
Esophegeal and Stomach Cancer Risks
1. Diet low in fruits and veggies.
2. Obese
3. Tobacco and alcohol
4. Family History.

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