Health 6/5/16

what are some things that cause infectious diseases?
viruses, fungi and protozoa
What is the flu?
caused by an infectious disease
What can microorganisms do?
causes an infectious disease
One common type of food poisoning is caused by Salmonella bacteria which are often present in which foods?
chicken, eggs, meat and fish
What is immunity?
your body’s ability to destroy pathogens that have previously encountered the body
What is tetanus?
infectious disease that one gets from contaminated soil
What is the body’s last and most complicated line of defense against infection?
the immune system
what is a pathogen?
organisms that cause disease
What is a cold?
an infectious disease caused by a virus from which there is no vaccine
What is a fungi?
caused by diseases ringworm and athlete’s foot
Not exercising regularly can lead to what?
a lifestyle disease
What are some examples of controllable risk factors?
diet and body weight, daily physical activity, smoking and alcohol abuse, and a level of sun exposure
what are some examples of uncontrollable risk factors?
heredity, your age and your race
what is heredity
it tells you the risk factor that also determines your sex
who is the incidence of heart disease lowest in? who is it highest in?
women; African-American, Mexican Americans and Men
What are heart attacks, arteriosclerosis comma stroke, and high blood pressure examples of?
examples of cardiovascular disease
When does your risk of cvd increased?
when you have diabetes
what is one way to detect cvd?
with a ECG
What is an artificial pacemaker?
a small battery-powered device that stimulates the heart to contract
When is blood pressure considered high?
140 over 90
When does a stroke occur?
when there is an interruption of blood flow to the brain
What is stent?
a metal cage that helps keep an artery open
What does Diet, exercise, and tobacco affect your risk of developing?
cvd cancer and type 2 diabetes
What can a diet high in fiber prevent?
What is cancer characterized by?
uncontrolled cell growth
What is a malignant tumor?
a mass of cells that invade healthy tissue
what is leukemia?
form of cancer that affects the tissue that produces blood
Your chances of developing cancer of the skin can be reduced by what?
using sunscreen
When is insulin released into the body?
blood glucose levels are high
What are the symptoms of type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes?
increased thirst, frequent urination, fatigue and weight loss
what can cause arteriosclerosis?
a stroke