First Aid- Injury Emergencies

In a bleeding emergency you should hold (1) on the wound and (2) the extremity above the level of the (3), check for signs of (4).
1) Direct pressure
2) Elevate
3) Chest or heart
4) Shock

You should phone 911 for a victim who is bleeding if:
-There is a lot of bleeding.
-You cannot stop the bleeding.
-You are not sure what to do.

If a person has a penetrating object such as a knife do not (1) the object.
1) Remove

List two things you do not do when trying to stop a nosebleed.
-Ask the victim to lean his or her head back.
-Use an ice pack on the nose or forehead.

Give two reasons to call 911 for a nosebleed.
-You can’t stop the bleeding in about fifteen minutes.
-the victim has trouble breathing.

What serious complications can occur with someone who is bleeding from the mouth?
Blocked airway which leads to breathing problems.

If bleeding is deep in the mouth and you can’t reach t easily what should you do and why?
Place the victim on his or her side so the airway isn’t blocked.

Detail how you preserve an amputated body part.
-Rinse with sterile or clean water.
-Cover or wrap it with clean dressing.
-Place in a watertight plastic bag (if it will fit).
-Place bag in another container with ice or ice and water.
-Label with victim’s name, date, and time.
-Make sure it is sent to the hospital with the victim.

Shock is a result of the following causes.
-The victim loses a lot of blood that you may or may not see.
-The victim has a severe heart attack.
-The victim has a bad allergic reaction.

List five signs of shock.
-Feel cold and shiver
-Feel weak, faint, or dizzy
-Be restless, agitated, or confused
-Feel thirsty

When the body is losing blood it will send the remaining blood to the most vital organ such as the (1) and (2).
1) Brain
2) Heart

Once a shock victim is lying on their back what three additional actions do you take?
-If there is no leg injury or pain, raise the victim’s legs about twelve inches.
-Use pressure to stop bleeding that you can see.
-Cover the victim with a blanket to keep the victim warm.

What does it mean for a victim to have “bleeding you can’t see”?
Internal bleeding

List six signs of head injury.
-Is unresponsive, sleepy, or confused
-Complains of a headache
-Has difficulty seeing
-Has difficulty moving any part of the body
-Has a seizure

You should suspect a spine injury for the following three circumstances.
-Has an injury to the upper part of the body, especially the head or chest.
-Was injured by a falling object, a forceful blow to the head or chest, a motor vehicle crash, or a fall from a height.
-Was injured while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How do you open the airway of a suspected head or spine injury victim?
Use a jaw thrust- place fingers on the angles of the jaw, and lift the jaw forward.

Explain what you would do if a head or spine injury victim was lying on their back and began to vomit. Be detailed.
Roll him or her onto the side while holding the head and neck so that the head and neck do not bend or twist. Will require several people.

Heat burns can be caused by contact with:
-Contact with fire
-A hot surface
-A hot liquid

If a victim’s clothing are on fire have them (1), (2), and (3). Cover them with a (4) and soak with (5).
1) Stop
2) Drop
3) Roll
4) Blanket
5) Water

If a small area of skin is burned, run under cold tap water for (1) to (2) minutes.
1) 15
2) 30

During a burn burn emergency you should call 911 if:
-There is a fire
-A victim has a large burn
-You are not sure what to do

List five things you should not put on a burn.
-Household product
-Home remedy
-Butter, petroleum jelly, oil

Name two sources of electrocution.
-Man-made sources (electrical current)

What can happen to the body with an electrocution injury?
Burns on the surface, injury to organs, severe damage in its path, stop the heart, marks or wounds (entry and exit)

Never touch an electrocution victim of they are still in contact with the (1).
1) Power source

When should you phone 911 with a bone, joint, or muscle injury?
-There is a large open wound
-The injured part is abnormally bent
-You’re not sure what to do

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