final personal health & wellness

self-assessment of medical symptoms begins with
awareness of your body
which of the following best describes symptoms you should check with a physician about?
which of the following is an appropriate reason to visit the emergency room?
persistent abdominal pain
what over the counter medication should you NOT give to children with flu-like symptoms?
which of the following statements related to medication expiration dates has the FDA found to be true?
almost all medications remain potent several years after the expiration date
which of the follpwing is listed first on the FDA drug label
active ingredients
which of the following best desrcibes therapies and practices that are NOT part of conventional health care
complementary alternative medicine
which of the following is a type of CAM therapy?
chiropractic care
which of the following is NOT a purpose or condition for which consumers are likely to turn to complementary and alternative medicine?
bone fractures
which of the following best describes conventional medicine?
it is founded on the application of the scientific method
western medicine traditionally relies on the use of ____ to treat and cure diseases
which of the following describes a health care professional who receives medical education similar to that of a medical doctor but whose training emphasizes musculoskelatal problems and manipulative therapy
doctor of osteopathic medicine
Sean is a basketball player who has foot problems. He should make an appointment to see a
which of the following health care professionals is NOT an allied health care provider
which of the following is a good way to choose a primary care physician
ask fr recommendations from family, friends, or coworkers
which of the following describes how the doctor-patient relationship is changing?
the patient is more active and the doctor acts more like a consultant
which of the following is a strategy for good communication with your physician?
bringing in a list of the medications you’re taking
The first step in the diagnostic process is
medical history
which of the following statements best describes the physical exam?
it may include biopsies or X rays
which of the following is most likely to cause an adverse drug event?
off-label drug use
prescription drug errors are especially prevalent among
older adults
why should consumers exercise caution when choosing a CAM therapy?
not all CAM practices have been scientifically evaluated for safety
the primary treatment methods used in traditional Chinese medicine are
acupuncture and herbal medicines
the CAM therapy that involves the use of highly diluted extracts is
which of the following is an example of mind-body medicine?
Reicki is an example of which of the following domains of complementary and alternative medicine practice
energy therapy
the purpose of biolectromagnetic-based therapies is to help patients
manage pain
which of the following is NOT a type of managed-care plan
fee-for-service plan
which of the following is true of managed-care plans
they restrict which physicians patients may use
a government health insurance program for Americans over age 65 is
symptoms are often an expression of the body’s attempt to heal itself
severe shortness of breath is one reason to go to the nearest emergency room
nondrug treatment options are not as effective as drug therapies
it is better to buy single-ingredient over-the-counter remedies than combination products
most people using CAM therapies discuss them with their physicians
conventional medicine is also known as western medicine
western medicine uses the scientific method to make absolute determinations about causes of illness
once a drug has FDA approval, it may legally be prescribed for purposes other than those listed on its label
herbal therapies, botanical, and dietary supplements commonly make up natural products
the broad network of professional care includes independent practitioners, health care providers, hospitals, clinics, and public/private insurance programs