Community Health: Role of the School Nurse

In what order should the nurse assess these children? (Place in order from first action through last action).
1- 10 year old boy who thinks he has a fever
2- 6 year old girl complaining of a headache
3- 5 year old boy reporting a stomachache
4- 9 year old girl with an abrasion to the knee
When assessing the 10 year old student, which action should the RN take first?
Take the child’s temperature
Which assessment finding is of most concern to the nurse?
A red rash on the cheek and trunk
Which other individuals are most at risk for contracting Fifth disease?
The children who were with the child during the 2 weeks before the symptoms appeared
When auditing a student record, which finding requires intervention by the nurse?
A 9 year old boy who has had one dose of the measles, mumps, rubella vaccine (MMR)
Which resource provides the best information to the school health nurse on recommended childhood immunization schedules?
The website for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
Which method for mediation administration by the nurse is safest?
Keep each student’s medication in the original bottle until the student arrives, then verify five rights prior to administration
Which child’s medication should Sandra administer first?
A child returning from physical education class who is requesting a prn dose of albuterol inhaler
Which instruction should the nurse provide Sarah?
Shake the aerosol MDI three to four times prior to administration
Which action should the nurse tell Sarah to take next?
Exhale steadily and completely through the nose
What is the maximum recommended dose per day in mg for a child who weighs 66 pounds?
Which criteria leads the nurse to suspect a child needs to be evaluated for ADHD? (Select all that apply)
-Hyperactivity inappropriate for the age of the child
-A decline in or poor academic skills
-Inattention and difficulty with concentration
-Labile mood and temper outbursts
Which intervention should the nurse implement for a child taking methylphenidate (Ritalin)?
Periodically assess height and weight
Which of the following is an indicator that Danny is meeting the following Nurseing Outcomes Classification (NOC): Impulse self-control, self-restraint of comuplsive, or impulsive behaviors?
Displays calm demeanor without supervision
Place Erickson’s Developmental Stages in the correct order, (Place in order from the youngest age to the oldest age).
1- Trust vs. Mistrust
2- Independence vs. Shame and Doubt
3- Initiative vs. Guilt
4- Industry vs. Inferiority
5- Identity vs. Role Confusion
According to Erickson, when children are highly imaginative, they are accomplishing which psychosocial developmental stage?
Which Act enhances the ability of children previously served in acute and long-term care to have access to public education?
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
How should the nurse respond to the aide?
Explain that this is confidential student information
Which action should the nurse take first?
Notify child protective services (CPS).
Which action should the RN and the office personnel take?
Place an emergency call to the police department from another room
Which finding by the nurse is of most concern?
Electrolyte imbalance
Which are characteristics of “female athlete triad”? (Select all hat apply).
-Pressure to obtain a particular weight for a sport
-Premature osteoporosis
What is the most effective intervention, implemented by the school nurse, to decrease the incidence of childhood obesity within the school?
Petition for an increase in physical education class from twice weekly to daily
When using an automated external defibrillator (AED), which action should be taken first?
Remove clothing to expose the chest
Which action should the nurse take first?
Check for the presence of a radial pulse