Clean vs Contaminated Surgery

Describe a clean surgery.
typically an elective surgery in a non-contaminated, non-traumatic and non-inflamed surgical site

List examples of a clean surgery.
Neuter, “routine” laparotomy, elective orthopedic surgery

Describe clean contaminated surgery.
surgery involves the respiratory, GI, or genitourinary system, ie often a hollow organ

List examples of clean contaminated surgery.

Describe contaminated surgery.
similar surgeries to clean contaminated, but with leakage or a major break in aseptic technique

List examples of contaminated surgery.
Enterotomy, enterectomy, cholecystectomy, cystotomy

Describe dry surgery.
a hollow organ is ruptured

List examples of dry surgery.
Infected surgical site, septic peritonitis, abscess, ruptured GI, gallbladder, or pyometra

List examples of clean contaminated surgery.
Enterotomy, enterectomy, cystotomy

When should antibiotics be used with surgery?
Clean surgery lasts more than 90 mins., an implant is placed, an infection would have disastrous consequences.

List an example of when antibiotics would be used in surgery.
total hip replacement

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