calculating estimated blood loss for techniques written final

when is blood loss monitored during surgery?

why is blood loss monitored during surgery?
aids the surgeon in knowing if there is a need for a blood transfusion or auto-transfusion.

what collects and monitors blood and body fluids suctioned from the field?
canisters and suction devices.

what is the math equation for blood and fluid loss during surgery?
amount of fluid in suction bottle/canister=loss

What can the circulator weigh to help determine the amount of blood loss?
weigh the sponges.

who should be keeping track of irrigation fluids used in surgery; example, saline.
surgical tech

what should the surgical tech place in the room so that the circulator can weigh the sponges for blood loss?

used between the suction tubing and the vacuum source to collect and monitor the amount of blood and body fluids suctioned from the field.
calibrated suction devices

what is subtracted from the total volume of fluid in the canister to give a more accurate measurement of blood loss?
amount of irrigation fluid administered during procedure.

what two surgical procedures are bloody and usually call for blood replacement?
prostate and cardiovascular

which two specialist decide if blood replacement is necessary?
surgeon and anesthesiologist

blood replacement involves the administration of whole blood or blood components. what are those blood components?
plasma, packed red blood cells, or platelets via IV line.

what three things does blood replacement provide for the patient?
increase circulating blood volume
increase number of red blood cells
provide plasma clotting factors

blood products donated by another person are called what?

blood products donated previously by the patient and stored or obtained through autotransfusion is called what?

what two things are essential when homogous is used to prevent transfusion reaction?
blood typing and cross-matching

what four things do you need to know in order to weigh surgical sponges?
1.amount of saline used for weighed sponges
3.anesthesia estimate for drapes
4.amount of fluid in suction bottle

what kind of scale is used for weighing sponges
gram scale
1g=1ml of of blood

adjust scale to the left of zero to reflect the dry weight of the type of sponges you will be weighing. what does 1 4×8 sponge weigh, 10 4×8 sponges and 1 lap sponge weigh?
1 4×8=5g
10 4×8=50g
1 lap= 20g

what do you have to do as a surgical tech every time sponges are weighed and totaled?
tell the anesthesiologist

how are 4×8 sponges weighed?
in groups of 10

how are lap sponges weighed?

who determines the procedure for moistening sponges?
hospital policy

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