Behavioral Health/Psych – Milieu Therapy

What is the goal of Milieu Therapy?
to manupulate the environment so that all aspects of the client’s hospitalization are considered therapeutic
What is expected of the client in Milieu Therapy?
to learn adaptive coping , interaction, and relationship skills that can be generalized to other aspects of his or her life
What are the unstructured components of Milieu Therapy?
the multitude of complex interactions between clients, staff, and visitors around the clock.
What are the basic assumptions of a therapeutic community?
the health in each individual is to be realized and encouraged to grow, every interaction is an opportunity for therapeutic intervention, the client owns his/her own environment, the client owns his/her own behavior, peer pressure is a useful and powerful tool, innapropriate behaviors are dealt with as they occur, and restrictions are punishments are to be avoided
What is considered to be a part of the treatment plan?
everything that happens to the client and within the client’s environment
What is an IDT?
Interdisciplinary Team that may include: psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, psychiatric clinical nurse specialist, psychiatric nurse, mental health technician, psychiatric social worker, occupational therapist, recreational therapist, art therapist, music therapist, psychodramatist, dietician, and chaplain
Who is the leader of the IDT?
The Psychiatrist
Who conducts therapy in IDT?
Clinical Psychologist
Who (in the IDT) works with the client and family to ensure that requirements for discharge are fulfilled and other social needs such as: placement, financial support, and community requirements?
Psychiatric Social Worker
Who (in the IDT) directs clients in the creation of drama that portrays real life situations?
Who are generally the only members of the IDT team who spend time with the clients on a 24 hour basis, as they assume responsibility for management of the therapeutic milieu?
What are example of helping clients with reality orientation?
Clocks with large hands and numbers, calendars, orientation boards, identification signs on rooms
What are nurse’s responsibilities in the Milieu environment?
ensuring the client’s basic needs are fulfilled, assessing physical and psychosocial status, administering medications, helping client develop trusting relationships, setting limits on acceptable behaviors, educating clients, and ultimately helping clients become productive members of society.

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