Basic First Aid- Introduction Culinary Arts

When is the Heimlich Maneuver performed?
When someone is choking.

What are the three types of burns?
First, second and third degree

What technique is performed when someone has stopped breathing?

When lifting, all employees should bend from the
knees and lift with legs

A state administered program designed to help employees who are injured in accidents that occur at work, or who become ill because of job related reasons is called?
workers’ compensation

An unplanned undesirable event that can cause property damage is called an

Ways to avoid disease transmission
wash hands, wear gloves

Items that can be considered hazards in the kitchen
wet floors, glass, machines with blades

On whom should you avoid using the Heimlich Maneuver?
pregnant women

Items in a first aid kit.
burn cream, gloves, band-aids, ointments

What are ways to control bleeding if someone is cut.
Rinse with warm water, apply sterile gauze, apply pressure and cover the wound with bandage.

An information sheet listing information about a chemical, its properties, and hazards is called
MSDS (material safety data sheets)

Which type of burn typically causes blisters on the skin?
Second degree

What type of burn affects the first layer of your skin?
First degree

What are two ways to alert someone that the floor is wet?
Verbal and Signage

How do alert someone when carrying a knife through the kitchen?
By saying “Knife”

The organization that helps keep the workplace safe by writing workplace safety and health standards.

When working in the kitchen it is safe to wear what type of shoes?
Leather non slip

Examples of items that can cause cuts in the kitchen.
Can openers, aluminum foil packages, lids on cans, etc.

Medical treatment given to an injured person for light injuries or until more complete treatment can be provided
first aid

In the ABC’s of CPR the B stands for

What does the ABC’s of of CPR stand for
Airway, Breathing, and Circulation

An Epi-pen is used when someone is
Having an allergic reaction

A cut from a knife is called a

How can you avoid disease transmission
Always wear gloves before assisting an injured person or using a barrier before administering CPR

What should you do before administering help to someone that is conscious?
Ask for permission to help them

Where should you stick the Epi- Pen when someone is having an allergic reaction.
Upper thigh

When using a knife in the kitchen it is safer to use a _________ knife.

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