Why We Need to Avoid Technological Addiction and Its Adverse Effects in Teens and Young Adults

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The goal of this documentary is to promote the learning of why we need to avoid technological addiction in teens and young adults, as well as undesirable effects. The point regarding view of this documentary is a voice over narrator filling in the gaps in between interviews with statistics plus contextualization. We will integrate all the appeals simply by performing interviews with individuals who are addicted to technological innovation. Through these interviews the particular counterargument will take type as many people usually are in denial of their own addiction and the impact it has on their own body. With this and additionally statistics, the logos plus ethos of our debate will take form. Solennité will take form through typically the music plus the narration through the film. We are going to integrate rhetorical strategies by giving statistics to promote the logos and ethos aspect regarding the argument.

Interviews will certainly be used to market typically the pathos side in the argument, as we talk together with those who are victims to technological addiction. A serious and dramatic tone will be used because of typically the importance of this case. Audio and cinematic techniques may help our purpose by having strong emotion in the particular audience. The documentary will certainly begin using a background of how technology has come concerning and the rise from the usage in the final decade. It will eventually continue into interviews of asking individuals if they feel this way and if dependency is real to them. Then you will provide data to show them plus the audience the truth behind the argument. Typically the daily lives and the particular effect will provide the midsection part of the film’s footage and conclude with a summary and just how their addiction could be cured.

The film will present the strong argument while likewise telling the story of a handful of victims and how they may change or even continue with their present lifestyle. The tone with this documentary will be very assertive and serious plus the music will help progress this tone through the movie. ​The music in the film will be instrumentals, primarily piano pieces, that put in a dramatic tone during any kind of animations or clips with out talking. This will further our purpose by producing the audience feel feeling and the seriousness of the subject. We plan to be able to use my professional techniques of cinematography such since not taking a look at the cameras during the interviews plus having enough lighting inside every scene. Additionally, additional scenes of the public to exhibit our argument inside effect can help advance our purpose. You will execute this specific by looking at additional films and see the way they utilize these skills efficiently.