Why marijuana should be illegalized


Since time before, the US government has been tabling discussions with all the sole aim of ascertaining the issues surrounding typically the use of Marijuana for medical related purposes. Sources indicate an escalation within number of States, which often permit marijuana use, within treating a few of the serious illnesses reported to affect the larger fraction of typically the today’s population.

The greater part of the population believes the sustained use of this product is helpful in numerous ways (Burns and Donald 125). Therefore, this paper endeavors in order to defend the alternative conclusion associated with a particular essay, written by a student because the fifth assignment. The particular topic of analysis was whether we should legalize Marijuana for medical make use of. The writer’s conclusion about the topic was of which, marijuana ought to be legal so that this aids in resolving the countless lethal disorders.

Health reasons

This dried leaves medicine common known as cannabis has numerous nicknames. Several of the names utilized to refer this medicine include, the weed, ganja, grass just to talk about but a few. Despite the numerous critics about the medication, studies have depicted the use of marijuana offers various constructive uses (Burns and Donald 126).

Firstly, scientists have performed experiments concerning the usefulness with results showing its effectiveness in decreasing the pain intensity inside cancer patients. Moreover, Supports patients have testified its efficacy in reducing the feeling of nausea. Contrary to the above propositions, the employ of phentermine has several detrimental effects to human being life (Jacob 2). Jacques-Joseph Moreau, a renowned researcher, argues that this kind of medicine profoundly tampers having an individual’s nervous system (Burns and Donald 127).

The scientific explanation just for this is that, the drug connects itself to the brain’s neurons; consequently , affecting their healthy communication. This, because a result, culminates in to damaging effects of typically the human’s short-term memory. The particular human mental faculties are vital in an individual’s wellness, considering that it coordinates the the greater part of the body techniques (Jacob 3). Consequently , this is clear that typically the unwanted side effects of the medicine outdo the constructive kinds.

The sociable reasons

Studies specify that marijuana dependency vastly lower the user’s motivation in undertaking their or her key responsibilities. This is due to their ability to forget some of the important duties they are entitled to perform. Such users usually have massive plans for their life, but occasionally end up not fulfilling them.

This, in many cases, has a link to their inability to recollect without difficulty (Zelick 23). Researchers have established that will the sustained decline in the motivation rate culminates into a disorder referred to as the motivation syndrome. It is apparent that an individual’s motivation significantly acts because a driving force in the direction of their success, in just about all aspects of life. This may be in learning, working as well within the social behavior (Zelick 30).

Regardless of the writer’s proposition that marijuana enhances ones social behavior, it is obvious that this opposite holds. Vast majority of the marijuana customers usually loose the enthusiasm of acquiring more close friends since they only take pleasure in associating with their other drug users. Furthermore, individuals who work or drive underneath the drug’s influencing are most likely to form an undesirable working environment and sloppy accidents respectively (Zelick 41). Therefore, basing arguments upon the above reasons it would be unwise to legalize this drug.

The spiritual reasons

The larger proportion of the faith based people in the globe is Christians. This, therefore, specify that they stick to the teachings of typically the bible. Although the bible does not specify numerous of the drugs mistreated by their names, various passages proscribe their use. Several commandments in the holy bible indirectly deny us the freedom to use medications. A particular verse inside the bible states that will the human body may be the God’s temple (Ekblad 65).

It likewise continually advise Christians upon the significance of preserving it holy. It truly is obvious that, the abuse of all drugs has side effects to people’s lives. Marijuana, for example, impinges about the thinking capacity regarding individuals, luring these to carry out themselves in an reasonless manner. In addition, the existence of other poems, which strappingly champions for the respect of the particular government’s authority, enhances our understanding on the result of the legality associated with such a drug (Ekblad 66).

Typically the diverse governments inclusive regarding the United States are actually advocating for the dérogation of some of typically the laws in its States known to legalize Cannabis. The primary reason behind such a new move would be that the country has examined its effects, thus noting that more dangers are present. However, sources show of which some religious denominations these kinds of as Hindu permit the use of marijuana during their annual ceremonies.

It might be illogical to legalize it in efforts regarding favoring such a tiny denomination and ignoring the particular plight it might have to the rest (Ekblad 67). It really is, therefore, perceptible that will on a religious view, cannabis must remain unlawful. Despite the fact that there is some fact, that marijuana can reduce the pain from various ailments, currently other herbs that pose no ill consequence to the user can be found; therefore, no pressing have to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.

The legal issues connected with marijuana

Contrary to the anticipations of many on legalization regarding the utilization of marijuana, the policies enacted by U. S government that reduce its continued exploitation possess born fruits. Statistics select that more than three decades ago, the complete percentage of twelve yrs and above individuals, abusing the drug was 34. Yet , a recent study on the same represented a decline in this specific percentage (Morgan 12).

The U. T government applauded such a report because it termed that as a major achievement. Additionally, a current examine that endeavored to set up the costs connected with marijuana indicated that, more costs arise from the actual use of the medicine, rather than for its prohibition.

Presently, cannabis is the chief cause of dependence on illicit medications within the U. S. This specific is as specified simply by the 2008 statistics upon drug abuse. The drug now could be illegal in U. S; when legalized with regard to medical uses, more people will access it hence the boost in the particular fraction accessing it. Considering that the drug closely pertains to the misuse of even more treacherous drugs, many people’s lives will succumb to more threat (Morgan 13).

The writer to whom I oppose their particular conclusion, argue that the particular legalization of such a drug might boost the country’s economy through the tax made on it. However, this is evident that incase of its legalization, this would be complicated in order to formulate policies for taxation since an immense populace of drugs will still carry out such businesses with secrecy (Morgan 14). This since a result would impede its intended aim of amplifying a countries economy.


Although a host regarding scientists has conducted tests targeted at establishing whether marijuana is pivotal in treating the majority of deadly disorders such as cancer and Aids, studies show that the harms connected with the drug usually are enormous. Through examining factors for example, health, social, faith based, and legal issues, that is apparent that this hazards are more than the benefits.

Since the majority of the declares of America already know this, they have continuing to enact policies geared towards its prohibition. They disregard the benefits of its use in treating these kinds of ailments since herbs without other effects have the ability to offer the same remedy.

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