Why I am Interested in Biochemistry Major

Since childhood, pursuing Biochemistry major has always been my passion and strength.  I am hence confident that this is the choice that would fulfill my dream. Since I was young, science-related subjects have always been interesting to me, specifically the chemistry side of biology and the biology element in chemistry as I can apply it in real life situation. I was fascinated by simple molecules like water molecule playing its role as an organic solvent, a temperature regulator, and reactant molecule. I enjoy the fact that biochemistry uses techniques and principles of chemistry to bring out biological processes in living organisms. Studying the subject will enhance my desire and interest to succeed in my dream.

My passion for exploring more about Biochemistry drove me to work as an intern at a biopharmaceutical company called Alios BioPharma. I was exposed to an exciting experience in the firm as I worked in the Information Technology department and helped in performing laboratory activities with scientists. I gained complex experience in pursuing modern biochemical practices by using the current technology and learned teamwork and good communication skills as I worked with corporate and laboratory scientists. The experience I got from the company sparked my desire to study biochemistry deeper and to explore the subject further.

In addition, I won a certificate for the national academy of future physicians and medical scientists award of excellence for my grades and leadership potential, which was a fascinating moment for me. This achievement ignited my passion to major in the field of science and to push my dream further.

Studying Biochemistry major will create a strong foundation for me to go to law school eventually, pursue law, and become a patent lawyer as it will expand my working memory and help me in attaining skills like teamwork, good communication skills, problem-solving, and to attain the courage to confront more difficult tasks.

The rapidly evolving nature of biology pushes further my desire to study biochemistry and enhance my interest to gain more knowledge in the field of science. I am certain that the experience will not only fulfill my interest and dream, but it will also help me in bringing practical knowledge to my future career of being a patent lawyer as I develop my analytical skills towards the realization of my fullest potential.

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