Why Drug Peddlers should not pay tax

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Read the reason why Drug Peddlers should not really pay tax; check away the story of sufferer, Rachappa

Right now there have been many individuals who commit a criminal offense by not filing income tax returns. Amidst just about all, there is one individual from Bengaluru who has obediently filed income tax to IT department but obtained arrested for smuggling medications. Isn’t that shocking?

Well, a construction labourer, Ranga Rachappa reported Rs 40 lakh because his annual income plus filed his income-tax earnings. In case you are wondering that how a construction labourer managed to earn Rs 40 lakh annually, then you should know that he provides probably been conducting aspect business which is unlawful. It all started throughout Ranga Rachappa’s academic days when someone asked him or her to get ganja (cannabis) from his native Pushpapura village in Chamrajnagar district.

At that time Rachappa did that will work due to insufficient information about it. Nevertheless, whilst in 2011 he came to Bengaluru, after researching up to Class 12 and saw that his fortunes started taking a great upturn with this unlawful offer. Soon after that, he started peddling drugs in a big way plus had also recruited youngsters as agents to do his work. Drug peddling started giving him much cash, so in 2013, he quit his job as a day construction labourer and went full-time directly into drugs. Later after getting successful in this unlawful business, Rachappa, had hired a villa in the Kanakapura Road area, a new car and a home in his native village.

However, within 2015-2016, he started filing income tax and reported Rs 40 lakh since his annual income. Which was the time when he or she caught the attention of the income tax officials. Typically the IT department officials called him for scrutiny as they had not declared the source of his revenue and asked the law enforcement to keep an attention on him. And because per a study by Deccan Chronicle, on Monday morning hours, the Koramangala police raided his house and seized 30 kg ‘ganja’ plus Rs 5 lakh funds in Koramangala police limitations. In that raid, their associate, Srinivas, 47, a Chandapura resident, was also arrested, while his ganja supplier Sashu, is nevertheless at large.

Notably, the reason right behind him declaring his yearly income is not really yet identified. Reportedly, Koramangala police obtained information about Rachappa in addition to his men arriving from a hotel on 80ft Road Koramangala on Jan 20. Soon after having the information, police hurried there and was able to capture Rachappa and Srinivas. As per media reports, Rachappa, on lawyers’ advice, authorized himself as a Class I contractor with a new few government agencies. This individual used to sell from least 30 kg of ganja every month with the particular top-quality ganja with a massive selling price of Rs 35, 000 per kg. Following his arrest, he also told the police that he was spending Rs 40, 000 as rent.

In accordance to the police, the particular duo used to obtain their work done from catering, college students and working professionals. Reportedly, the law enforcement are now investigating to find out whether more people have been active in the racket.