Who is a Dietitian?

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A dietitian is a person that teaches people how to improve their health by adjusting their eating habits and researching people’s nutritious needs. Dietitians also help those who are sick, people with have diseases, and the elderly by informing them on which foods they should eat in order to maintain their health (Job Description, Career Cruising). Dietitians also plan meals, hire other dietitians, enforce safety rules, prepare reports, and make the budget for food (Job Description, Career Cruising). Dietitians also document their patient’s progress and keep up to date with scientific research (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Other dietitians work in processing companies to analyze the food products and make the product labels.

In order to teach or promote the advantages of healthy eating, some dietitians hold classes to teach others. They teach food chemistry, nutrition, or how to manage food services. Dietitians also teach these classes to people who have jobs dealing with food, like dentists (Job Description, Career Cruising).This career is suitable for me because I like working with food and drink, giving advice to people, and I am a little interested in human biology. However, I am not the best at science, but being a dietitian includes being interested in chemistry (Job Description, Career Cruising). Dietitians work in many places, such as hospitals, schools, social service, food processing companies, sports facilities, and they work as self-employed advisers (Job Description, Career Cruising). Dietitians also work with doctors, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, and other healthcare experts. Usually, dietitians work 40 hours a week. Dietitians usually earn $36,000 to $82,000 a year. However, managers or consultants can earn more than $82,000 a year. The national median salary for dietitians is about $59,000 a year (Job Description, Career Cruising).

Depending on their experience and employer, the salary and differ. Also, the type of work they do and where they live affects their salary. For example, dietitians in outpatient care centers and dietitians who work education and research make more than those who work for local governments or community dietitians (Job Description, Career Cruising). Dietitians also get benefits such as health care, sick days, and vacation days. Dietitians also are in demand, increasing at 14% higher than the average of other jobs. This is because people who are obese and ones with diseases need the help of dietitians to maintain good health. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). In order to become a dietitian, you have to earn a bachelor’s degree in dietetics or a related area from an accepted college program. Next, you must finish an internship and pass an exam. You can decide whether to get your master degree. To be an entry-level dietitian, you would earn between $33,000 to $40,000 a year. To become an entry-level dietitian you must earn a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, completion of an internship, and pass the Registered Dietitian exam. A clinical Dietitian earns $40,000 to $65,000 a year.

In order to become one, you must have the experience as a dietitian. A consultant earns more money than the other dietitians but takes more time to get. They earn between $35,000 for $75,000 a year and require years of experience as a clinical dietitian and a consultant could need a master’s degree.I think that a dietitian is overall a good job for me because I am interested in food and drink. However, I would like to be a type of nutritionist that does not teach people on how to change their diet and would rather work with the nutritional facts of food. I love going to restaurants and looking at all the different choices and I sometimes look at the calorie value and compare it to other foods. Also, in my family, I was elected to help my mom lose some weight, and now, my dad needs to lower his cholesterol. Because of this, I believe that a dietitian or some other job related to this would be best for me.