The Union: The Business Behind Getting High — 2007 (The Drug War/Marijuana Legalization)


Review of the movie

The Marriage: the Business behind Getting High film by Brett Harvey is probably the most excellent documentaries of modern times masking the issue of marijuana. It is indeed a movie that everyone inside the united stated need to be interested to watch. The Union: The Enterprise behind Getting high is usually a Canadian documentary that largely focuses on typically the Canadian flaws in their own policy on drugs.

Nevertheless, the highlighted defects of drug policy are applicable to North america but in addition to the medicine policy of the United States that will be very flawed. It really is really worth noting that the medication policies applicable in South america, Canada, and also inside the United States usually are essentially intertwined in the sense it would end up being practically be impossible to be able to discuss one of the particular aforementioned country’s policy while excluding the rest. This documented makes a good try to be all specially (Pua 1).

The Canadian documentary centers generally on decriminalization poems legalization, an issue of which has been a centre of heated debate the two in the usa and North america. According to the movie, there are a quantity of reasons which are advanced in support of legalization of marijuana.

The most important reason for legalizing marijuana is that the government would certainly be able to collect a really huge sum regarding money considering the proceeds that accrue from arranged crimes such as drug cartels. Some other causes advanced from the documentary contain the ability from the government to control the purchase of such drugs to be able to minors and also collection of tax revenue. The particular reasons in support regarding legalizing marijuana as sophisticated by Harvey in the documentary are indeed effective.

The documented is nonetheless incomparable some other movies because of the particular contribution manufactured in it by experts in this aspect. Unusual in other movies concerning the issue of weed, the Union documentary consists of interviews conducted amongst large ranking government officials plus politicians from Canada such as Seattle’s former chief associated with police, mayors, as well as senator.

The documentary also contains experts such as biologists, WA, chemists, and Harvard medical doctors. This is a clear indication of which the documentary by Harvey presents testimony from real experts, for purposes regarding giving an explanation and assisting why it would end up being more appropriate than not necessarily to legalize marijuana (YouTube).


The documentary opens the particular curtains with a well-known football player O. L. Simpson who is indicted in addition to found not guilty of the offence of murdering their wife together with a new waiter allegedly because associated with a pair of glasses. According to the medical evidence, the DNA test got from your scene regarding crime matched that of O. J. Simpson; nonetheless, the glove did not fit.

This turn of evidence changed the entire turn of events. The documentary further develop the number of issues, this works to blow upward some myths and finally concluded that marijuana would be much worthwhile legalized notwithstanding the minor impacts it might have.

The documentary is assembled in a synergistic manner at concerning 105 minute. It includes fascination stories, taking head interviews and archival video footage which are arranged within clips that are interesting and fast. The documentary clips cover the incognito growers, the obvious potential food items, Tommy Chong and retailers along with clips from some other sources for example Joe Rogan and former police chiefs.

All this particular individuals are very a lot prepared to give their opinion about marijuana which sights indicate that criminalizing cannabis is an irrational position. Their narrations, status, in addition to interviews are intertwined together with trenchant or highly enjoyable clips highlight carefully each aspect that is being affirmed.

Presently there are clips from the particular reefer madness to the people through ancient footage involving farmers gathering hemp, with prevents for clips that are related to the previous footage circumstantially. The events that unfold inside the documentary are usually covered so well by the particular director in that for approximately thirty five minutes the move has not however began to scrutinize typically the business of getting large.

In the first 35 minutes, the movie outlines the foundation associated with the director’s claims in order to the effect that marijuana is usually an affordable and an extremely versatile commodity however criminalized by poor lawful framework that are geared towards eradication the icky gross (Pua 1).

The documentary further preserve that most of typically the claims of marijuana being harmful are founded upon unauthentic findings like marijuana kills the cells of the brain is just but a misplaced myth. The particular movie depict that illegalizing marijuana would instead boost the preference useful. Based to the movie throughout the prohibition of alcoholic beverages consumption, the rates of boozing increase tremendously let alone the increase in typically the organized crime aimed from getting alcohol for the people.

The written further makes a comparison between the number of individuals killed by usage of either tobacco or alcohol per annum in addition to the statistics of demise cause by marijuana intake. It is established of which cigarettes and alcohol causes hundreds of thousands regarding people during your time on st. kitts has not necessarily been direct deaths linked to consumption of marijuana.

The documentary will be based on the reality that the illegal status of marijuana in both North america and the United States could be reversed when the policy makers may show an open brain to facts that are scientifically proven and also some tolerance. The illegitimate status of marijuana permits the sellers and declaring no to prop to charge more. In case the rules are altered and marijuana become legitimate, the cartels will clearly lose a lot associated with money which will subsequently acts as another edition of prohibition (YouTube).

The movie will be professionally directed in that will it does not veer the audience into accepting the theory. Harvey allows typically the interviews and research do the talking the research and interview shows that in 104 individuals who utilizes marijuana, only one personal uses cocaine an practically none of them uses heroine. From the study conducted simply by UCLA demonstrates marijuana does not cause cancer.

By using research and interviews is a brilliant idea since the audiences are available an possibility to get different details as well as typical sense. There is merely one issue about the movie which may be criticized which is usually that fact that the documentary does not cover nevertheless particularly, it does not address the views associated with law enforcement agencies, political figures and individuals who tend not to approve of legalizing marijuana.

The Marriage: The business enterprise behind Getting High documentary is about the particular cannabis industry in English Colombia, film production company also depicts the stigma associated with marijuana in the western society particularly in America. In documentary uses typically the term union in the title perhaps since the expression is frequently used in order to label the individuals because well as groups which in real life situation take part in illegal marijuana industry in British Colombia.

The documentary will be a fantastic blow and it should be retained on the supplemental film list. The reason being there are usually very few people that may be aware of the fact that marijuana is not really as bad as that appears to be portrayed; the documented strive to disapprove the unfavorable attitude held by the greater part of people in the western society about marijuana.

The documentary through expert opinion proves that nobody has ever before died from consumption of weed which is ironically unlawful, while the drugs of which are legalized such because tobacco and alcohol have caused hundreds of thousands deaths.

Evaluation and conclusion

Basically the message that may be construed from the documented is that cannabis is just not actually harmful in any way like the pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, coffee, or actually tobacco, and unlike these legalized and harmful medications, cannabis is harmless with both commercial and insurance. Ironically, the two characteristics of marijuana are remarkably the reason behind their prohibition which is pretty irrational.

This goes to confirm of which additional manufacturing drugs may possibly not accept a plant which grow naturally with so many benefits since such a plant would certainly naturally put such businesses out of business of manufacturing other drugs (Pua 1). The particular documentary demonstrates due to be able to the understanding of typically the benefits associated with marijuana, the plant was legal and actually, some government used to encourage its growth ahead of the twentieth century.

The prohibition of cannabis particularly in the Usa States is also linked to the fact that the government used the grow as a justification associated with effecting arrests for political, profiteering and war. The particular documentary makes an try to explain the cause as to why prohibition of cannabis never works. In a good effort to explain the situation, the documentary use stats and research about previous prohibition of alcohol which brought about more intake of alcohol and a lot more organized crimes to bring it to the market.

It therefore will go without saying that there is no substantial in addition to rational reason that has been advanced to advise why cannabis is prohibited and given a great deal of stigma in the western society. Surprisingly typically the plant is treated along with more seriousness then even hard drugs as an example heroin and cocaine or use the additional legalized drugs which can be damaging to human health.

The documentary is indeed one of a kind as the information introduced therein is confirmed plus approved by real college students, doctors, former politicians, previous law enforcement agencies, and biochemists, not to mention the various technological studies. From all the selection interviews and study conducted usually are in agreement with typically the fact that cannabis does not necessarily pose any kind of harm other than the stigma created by simply its prohibition.

In the documentary, Harvey tries to focus upon the Canadian flaws within their policy on drugs. Nonetheless, the highlighted disadvantages of drug policy are usually not only observable inside the Canadian legal program, but also to the medication policy of the United States that may be very mistaken. The documentary espouses a number of reasons that are advanced even by professionals in support of legalization of marijuana.

The main argument within support of legalizing hashish being the government would be able to acquire a very huge sum of money which flow in industry. Some other quarrels advanced by the documentary are the fact that legalizing marijuana would enable the particular government to control the sale of such drugs to be able to minors and also collection of tax revenue.

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