Patients do not have to misuse acupressure as it can never be used instead of medical advice or treatment. And can not substitute medical supervision. Very often acupressure performance is not productive and can cause weakening of the body and produce toxins. The maximum frequency of acupressure therapy is twice a day, but only in cases when it is really needed.

Acupressure is a very useful way of preventing care. The technique of pressure which elicits pain gives opportunity to reveal some problems with health before they develop into serious diseases. Of course a palpation can con reflect a disease or syndrome, but it can be a sigh that indicates that not all good in the same way preventing the condition from progressing. Acupressure is not a means which assists in activating our body potential of innate healing. The goal of acupressure treatment is a state of balance and wellness as health is not only a unity of entities as blood pressure, chemical level of blood and so on, but also the balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state.

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