The Study of Acupressure Therapy essay

Being a traditional technique of Chinese origin, acupressure is used to treat various types of diseases. Acupressure therapy is widely used in Asian countries like Japan, China, Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal, India and others. It is the science and art that restore the balance of natural energy, and is often included in massage therapy trainings. Acupressure has been practiced for several centuries and has proven its benefits and is based on the concept of life force and energy.

During the session of acupressure, a trained practitioner presses specific points on the body with the help of special devices, elbows, palms, knuckles, fingers, hands, ad even feet. The pressure is usually held for several seconds to several minutes and may be applied in pushing or circular movements, or a combination of them. It can be done every other day or several times a day depending on the condition of a patient. The aim of this procedure is to improve the circulation of energy in the body at the same time alleviating pain.    

Recent studies which have been conducted to investigate the acupressure use have shown that acupressure therapy may bring temporary relief of headache pain and nausea. It is explaied by the fact that applying pressure to specific points may cause the release of a greater number of endorphins in the brain which act as natural painkillers.

The acupressure therapy has proved to have a lot of benefits as it is used to cure a variety of conditions and disorders. This kind of therapy is used to treat a variety of disorders and conditions, it helps to cope with stress, get a physical relief, and avoid arthritic spasms and muscular distress. Representatives of Asian countries use it to control pain especially in cases when patients sufer from a slipped disc, disorders of bones, muscles or tissue, osteoarthritis, pain in the neck and arms, and backaches. Acupressure is widely used to relieve pain caused by athletics and sports. Recent studies have shown that this therapy is very useful and shows good results while treating people with neurological disorders as it eases stressed and stiff limbs among partially disables patients.

One of the most positive sides of this therapy is that it may be used to treat different age and gender groups. It may be also used to treat children if they suffer from stress, constipation, bed wetting, sleeplessness, congestion of the chest caused by cold and many other diseases and conditions.