The Benefits of Nursing Homes

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Many people have very bad ideas regarding nursing homes. We all have heard of how bad the elderly are treated in these places, even though it is not true for all retirement homes; but this is what we normally hear. More than 75% of the residents of a nursing home say they want to return to their home and gain control of who they were. They feel unwanted, unappreciated and most importantly unloved. Many people do not have a choice but to go into retirement homes/nursing homes after they reach a certain age or a certain level of health and capability to establish and continue with their day to day life without a problem. Some do not have family, others have family but they are unavailable to attend to them as they require. Would it not be great if our elderly could have the chance to choose to stay home, yet still have at hand all of the resources for their individual needs? With Home Care assistance that is exactly what they will get and even more. While still living in the comfort of their own home ( which is what the majority long for) they will have someone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; meaning they will have someone to help manage their important appointments, someone to help maintain their home in healthy living conditions and even for their individual needs.

At least 65% of the people that live in retirement homes have something to do with mental health such as (what we mostly hear about) Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson and many more. These patients require very special and strict care, and sadly but true; many family members cannot provide them with what they need. Home care assistance not only provides them with all of their essential needs, but they have also included a way to help conserve or even improve the elderly’s brain functions. Home care assistance incorporated Cognitive Therapeutics Methods (CTM for short) into these services. What exactly is CTM you may ask? CTM is a non-pharmaceutical approach to brain training. It is personalized for each patient; due to scientific research, there is no need for any special machines nor highly addictive drugs to achieve the goal of this program. What is used is fun, many games that will in its unique way help train every part of the brain depending on the patient’s needs.

With home care assistance, not only do the elderly gain a sense of control over their life back, but they also get the satisfaction that they can achieve a lot more in their life than expected. It gives hope and meaning to those who have neither. They have at hand a healthier choice for mental health treatments/ therapy. They have a comfortable environment which will speed the progress of their health. Nothing is better than feeling empowered to do everything and even more than you thought you could, especially when everything keeps telling you it is close to the end.