Similarities between Human System and Hospital

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The Nucleus is very similar to a Hospital Manager because the nucleus controls the activities of the cell, such as growth it also holds inside important information like DNA and the Nucleolus. Hospital managers have a similar job. They work with all parts of the hospital and plan and coordinate the health services of a hospital. They supervise all areas of a hospital They also hold and have access to all the information just like DNA.

The Nuclear Envelope is almost like the Walls of the Hospital’s Manager office. The Nuclear Envelope function is to hold and protect the nucleus and other organelles inside. The walls of the Hospital magers office keeps out people and things that are unwanted, like for example angry patients. The Nuclear pores are very similar to the Hospital Email System. Nuclear Pores regulate the movement of molecules from the nucleus to the cytoplasm and vice versa. It is just like how the Hospital’s Email system works. It sends important to the entire hospital, for example, patient information. This is important so that the staff member understand what’s wrong with the patient.

The Nucleolus is like the Kitchen and Restaurant of the Hospital. The Nucleolus creates parts ribosomes that will be made into proteins. Like the nucleolus, The kitchen and restaurants send cooked food and raw fruits to their patients.

DNA is very similar to Patient Information because The DNA holds information and tells the cell what to do and how to be. The DNA’s role is to produce the parts ribosomes. Just like how patient information works which containing exact information about medical conditions, side effects that are packed with medicines to give the user information about the product.

Parts of Ribosomes is very similar to a Surgeon’s Assistant because the job of parts of ribosomes is to make the ribosomes Ribosomes are similar to the actions of the doctors. Doctors work to take care of their patients and send them off back home healthy like ribosomes. Creating proteins that would be sent off to the cytoplasm.

The Endoplasmic reticulum is very similar to the Hospital Beds because it moves proteins to different parts of the cells just like how the beds of the hospital help transfer patients from one location in the hospital to another location in the hospital. Golgi apparatus is very similar to a Nurse because the functions of the Golgi apparatus is to take the proteins from the endoplasmic reticulum and deliver them outside and to different parts of the cell. Nurses jobs are similar because the nurses in a hospital make sure their patients are ready for moving from one room to another depending on their conditions.

Proteins are very similar to the Hospital Doctors. The Proteins do most of the work in cells and are made by the Endoplasmic Reticulum and are required for the structure, function, and regulation of the body’s tissues and organs. Proteins is complete information that can be used throughout the cell. Just like how the Doctor has the all of the information and can get it out to the Patient Mitochondria are very similar to the Hospitals Energy Supply. Mitochondria are organelles that work as a digestive system which takes in nutrients and breaks them down. Mitochondria are the working organelles that keep the cell’s full of energy. This is similar to the Hospital’s energy supply because all parts of a Hospital need electricity to function and without would have a hard time lasting.

Cytoplasm is similar to a hospital security guard it is responsible for breaking down waste. Just like how a security guard gets rid of unwanted visitors. Cytoplasm look like a jelly-like fluid it fills up a cell. It is made up of mostly water and salt. The Cell membrane is very similar to the Door’s of the Hospitals because the Cell Membrane is the area around the cell which controls what is able to go in and out of the cell. Just like the doors of the Hospital this Lysosome are very similar to Trash Cans Because Lysosomes digest no longer needed substances and structures like how to trash cans of a hospital gets rid of waste used by patients and staff.Vacuole is almost like the Human body of a Patient because it digest, storages, balances, waste and other substances. This is similar to the human body because the human body has to extremely work hard to improve their overall health of themselves.