Riddle Village Retirement Homes


Retirement is a defined end or stage that will is anticipated by every American employee. This is usually a period when they will need not hustle with targeted traffic to work or interact with demanding bosses. In this stage, people have got unlimited time to involve inside leisure activities. Retirees encounter a series of challenges ranging from problems regarding senior years, inability to consider care of themselves plus lack of company. Many people die soon right after retirement due to stress, resulting from lack regarding company and proper proper care.

Problem Statement

This paper addresses the steps to become implemented in solving a marketing problem. The paper examines the strategies to end up being implemented in the persuading retirees to sell their apartments and proceed to the Question retirement home. The Riddle retirement home offers a good excellent home for typically the retirees; they are in a position to enjoy the company of one another, engage in sporting activities. The residence also prepares food, washing services and medical treatment in order to those housed there.


After retirement, many people opt to retirement homes to avoid the putting the burden to their kids. Some also consider existence in retirement to preserve the living standards that will they were utilized to because employees. Charges for helped living in retirement houses are high in most nursing facilities, compared to the riddle retirement village.

The riddle community provides a state regarding art lifestyle for typically the residents. It is centered on the benefits that this riddle village provides this proposal seeks to release an awareness campaign about the benefits that retired people would get from joining the riddle village retirement home.

The retiring older population will depend mostly on the sociable security benefits for their particular livelihood after retirement. Most of them claim typically the benefits early and turn out receiving much reduced amounts that can not sustain them well in older age. The number associated with retired men and women that began collecting their own social security paybacks surged as from 2009 (Casey, 2009, p 430).

This was attributed to the increase in populace of individuals of age 62 years and above. Outdated men and women are usually mostly left along at home while the younger people go out to function. As such, they have got simply no one to assist these people with physically involving careers such as washing, food preparation and cleaning. They also absence the company of peers and spent most associated with the time on their own.

Mr. Samuel Riddle of Delaware County donated his piece of seventy two acre land together together with $ 2. 5 , 000, 000 for construction of the hospital for his neighborhood (Schwarzschild, 2007, p 209). A memorial hospital was put up in the honor covering a total of 34 acres. The remaining lot was used to place up a fully equipped plus modern retirement home.

The house is decent in every manner and is usually designed to provide a new healthy, conducive and safe environment to the occupants. The apartments developed from the riddle retirement town comprise of large industry lobbies, dinning rooms and sleeping rooms ranging from one in order to three in number. The particular apartments are also attached with ensure that the occupants tend not to move outside regarding either dinner or seeing an ill partner (Schwarzschild, 2007, p 211).

The riddle town is committed to enriching the particular life of the upon the market individuals by providing proper care and also a high quality dwelling environment. Health care and pastime services as well as the security of the residents are guaranteed.

The staff providing care is highly experienced and committed to offering quality home care to the retired residents. Apart from providing the best proper care to the residents, the particular management is also committed to the welfare of the particular workers, making them become committed to the task since they are satisfied simply by the employer’s treatment (Schwarzschild, 2007, p 212).

Commitment by the two the management and workers to the quality from the life of the inhabitants made the village run for this long. The community contains a future, based about the achievement it has gained in providing high quality care to the inhabitants.

There usually are other retirement homes providing similar care to retired individuals, yet , the uniqueness in the quality regarding home care offered by riddle village makes it a preferred place. Most additional retirement care centers carry out not prepay sufficient quantity of money to look after the health care of the residents. This is usually attributed to failure from the care centers to entice younger populations.

The centers have simply older population whose era again continues to enhance with time (Roe & Beech, 2005, p63). Together with the soaring cost regarding health care in the US ALL, many retirement homes have had to alter their own policies in regard to be able to health care service supply to the residents. The retirement community as the result has been required to subsidize their older healthcare service contracts as a result of the improved medical care service ceiling.

Statement Require

Because associated with the numerous problems that will retired people face by yourself at home, there will be a need for a home that provides them a dignified and quality existence after retirement. The question village ranks as the best place, providing pensioners an excellent living environment after retirement.

The solution lies inside convincing retirees to sell their apartments and becoming a member of the riddle village pension center. The centre gives a compressive care ranging from medical, cooking, cleansing and recreation facilities. There is the benefit of business provided by the staff as well as peers that are also residents regarding the village.

By selling their flats, they will be capable to subsidize their dwelling expenses at the centre and revel in the quality dwelling standards that the center gives. Since the majority of the retirees are elderly people beyond the productive age, the question centre would provide associated with an excellent environment to be able to spend the rest of their lifestyle after retirement. Besides, typically the retirees will probably be willing to be able to be in a location that may be devoid of stress and provides an excellent dwelling standard.

The admission policy towards the community is not discriminatory; it is far from based on sex, race, religion or any additional discriminating criterion. Admission is strictly using the state in addition to federal rights law of which emphasize on like options for all people (Hunt, 2005, p 59). This specific applies not only to be able to residents but also the employees in the organization. This particular fact eliminates the worry that an individual may sell his or the girl apartment and fail to be admitted to typically the village based on any illegal discriminatory criterion.

The home offers a variety of three living ranges making it flexible for individuals interested in joining. The particular three levels of living include residential living, aided living and skilled breastfeeding care (Schwarzschild, 2007, p 44). Resident living offers an opportunity to one who is fully retired from all chores.

Services provided to this kind of individuals include; cooking, cleansing. Residents enjoy the rest in luxurious environment of the riddle village. The pension community provides recreational, interpersonal cultural and educational way of life making it a complete lifestyle (Roe & Beech, june 2006, p57).

Assisted living is meant for people seeking a little assist with their routine actions. Services sold at the riddle village to assisted dwelling individuals include; bathing applying drugs and dressing. The particular riddle village management offers such individuals with private galleries or single bed roomed apartments. Skilled nursing treatment is offered by the encouraging staff that works diligently to be able to provide nursing care in order to individuals who require healthcare services.

The riddle village retirement home provides more advantage to the resident, with an adaptable lifestyle commendable to the particular retirees. Using the numerous benefits, and the standard of living that will the village offers, it truly is expected that the pensioners will prefer life in the village to keeping alone at their home with no one to be able to care for them or provide social company. The advantages of the village to be able to those admitted are the moment one becomes an associate; there is not any waiting time to begin enjoying the rewards.


The solution will be implemented in a period frame of three months based on a sensitization process. This will include carrying out a sensitization campaign to be able to make potential residents associated with the village aware of the particular offer that the question retirement home has on their behalf. The campaign is to be performed through different media outlets as well as through word regarding mouth. The effectiveness of the strategy applied will be assessed on a monthly basis by discovering the effect of the campaign on the amount of enrollment at typically the riddle retirement home.

Key personnel in order to be involved in the campaign will include; the senior management team at the town, workers unions and the media people. Employers may also feature on the particular list of key individuals needed for the campaign. Business employers have a responsibility of providing advice and direction in order to their retiring employees about how to spend existence after retirement.

Many employees fail in this responsibility and let away their retiring staff without having proper life skills to be able to survive after retirement (Casey, 2009, p 434). Along with the retirement home centres, retirees leave employment enter an environment that gives quality care. Employers will be expected awareness about the riddle village house offers retirees through workshops and other forums of which they value to interact together with employees.

The particular management team at the Riddle village shall provide info that shall be utilized to assess the effectiveness of the strategy applied in the sensitization program. The particular information is important since it will let us know whether the techniques in use are producing the anticipated impact or not.

In case typically the strategy does not produce an expected impact, then suitable amendments should be putting place to avoid waste of funds. The media folks will play the function of passing on the information to the common public. This will end up being through TV and stereo programs that relay relevant home elevators retirement.

The campaign process will involve printing and disseminating brochures and flyers together with information on the services provided by the question village. TV and radio stations adverts as well because spreading the information via word of mouth will probably be significant means of having the information to the particular targeted audience. The campaign will take place with regard to three months, TV in addition to radio adverts will probably be aired for one week in the three month period.

Budget for Setup of the Solution

The expenses to be sustained in the implementation process for the solution will incorporate printing of flyers plus brochures, travelling costs, putting TV and radio advertisements, and contingencies. To lessen the expense of printing, a private printer will be used to be able to reduce printing cost in order to an average of dollar 100.

Traveling costs shall be high since it will be a requirement to distribute typically the flyers and brochures. The particular US general service organization rates the rate each mileage at $ zero. 5 per mile; typically the journey to be included in the process will probably be approximately 1200 miles, resulting to a cost of dollar 600. Running a TELEVISION and Radio ad for a week will cost averagely $ 7, 000. Eventualities for the process will probably be at an average associated with $ 500 to accommodate for unforeseen expenses. The particular total budget for typically the implementation of the remedy shall be $ 8, two hundred.

Work Schedule

Implementation of the proposed solution will require contacting the key personnel needed to help in the implementation. They will include; five major companies within the Delaware region, preparation and printing regarding awareness materials and organizing TV and radio ads. This will require a great average amount of one 30 days in order to get in touch with all the listed persons plus get ready for the start associated with the implementation process.

The implementation method will be for a new period of two and a half months. Stereo and TV awareness will take one week, as the distribution of flyers and brochures take the rest of the time. Brochures and flyers distribution shall target busy places such as churches, markets and private hospitals. It is expected the huge numbers of individuals who visit such places will certainly aid in spreading the details to as many people as possible. The period associated with three months is enough to allow the month to month evaluation to determine the effectiveness of the strategy.

Mode associated with Evaluation

The response received at the particular riddle village retirement home in terms of apps from potential applicants. The particular information will be sourced through the riddle village administration team on a month-to-month basis. An increase in the quantity of applicants wishing to be able to join the riddle community will be viewed as a success of the plan. It is expected of which the approach will generate awareness to potential consumer.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Retirees face many challenges living on their own after retirement. They pose problems with their children as dependants requiring personal and medical care. Boredom and anxiety sets heavily on them causing miserable life regarding them. Riddle village retirement home is a commendable idea for retires. The village is designed in order to provide excellent and quality life for them, entertainment, education and social needs of the residents is usually well catered for by the organization.

This report recommends riddle village retirement home since an ideal place with regard to people in retirement based on the standard of life that the organization provides its homeowner. The management also attracts the well being of their staff meaning it is a good spot too for workers. This specific information should be spread out to as many folks as possible so of which retirees are created aware regarding these excellent living conditions regarding them.

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