Research of Marijuana Use for Medicative Functions

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Marijuana can be used to purposely bring healing effects on the user’s body. A close look at the way it can be sued as medicine will well prove the claim. It can treat glaucoma, a condition which causes increased pressure in the eyeball. Glaucoma interferes with the optic nerve making the patient have blurred vision. One can also lose vision totally. Once used, marijuana tends to lower the pressure around the eye hence aiding d in low chances of becoming blind. Smoking marijuana can also help in improved lung health. Research has shown that tobacco users usually end up experiencing lung malfunction with time but at the same point of time, marijuana user has been found to possess an increased lung capacity which is possibly caused by the user’s taking a deep breath while smoking the drug. CBD, a chemical found in marijuana, help to curb the spread of cancer in user’s body. Cannabidiol prevents the cancerous cell from spreading by making a change in a gene known as Id-1. This has been proven by researchers when they tried to treat breast cancer in the lab using cannabidiol and the process worked well. The use of cannabidiol made the cells less aggressive in spreading. The researcher also found out that compounds in cannabis were in a position to kill cancerous cells. It can be used to treat diaphragm malfunction. Gupta, a medical practitioner, and a great researcher found that Chaz who was using the drug as medicine was able to be relieved his pains. Chaz had a condition known as myoclonus diaphragmatic which had resisted all the strong drugs prescribed by the doctors. Gupta found that Chaz’s condition was brought to a controllable level immediately he smoked marijuana. Marijuana is able to calm diaphragm muscles. It is vital in reducing arthritis discomfort. Marijuana helps to alleviate pain, causes reduced swelling of cells and can induce sleep. Researchers in rheumatology conducted a study and found that patients they had exposed to cannabinoid had improvement as far as sleep and relieved pain is concerned compared to those who were not treated with the drug. Research has shown that marijuana can lead to high brain creativity. Those who smoke cannabis were found to be more creative in coming up with new ideas as compared to non-users. Immediately they smoked, they were able to generate ideas, come up with new words and lead to improved fluency. The drug makes the brain cells have a better detection of those associations that make one to radically generate new ideas. It makes someone to have high working brain hence perceiving things differently. According to a research coming from Nottingham, marijuana aids in preventing brain damage. It is able to minimize the size of the affected area. The drug can also help in protecting the brain from concussions and trauma.


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