Psychotherapy is just Common Sense Essay Sample

Psychotherapy is just Common Sense Essay Sample

Psychotherapy is a science, which treats symptoms of mental illnesses in a human through clinical and communicative therapies conducted by experienced practitioners, to diminish signs of discomfort and improve his relations with others. The mental illness is treated through different discussion sessions, in which a strong relation of the patient and his therapist is very important for its success, in which the patient is made to understand and accept his surroundings, believe in his individuality, and is suggested best ways to culminate his daily problems.

However, critics to this study (McHugh, 2001) believe that professional training of psychotherapy is unnecessary, as the subject matter taught to professionals is irrelevant. What is needed is common sense and understanding of the patient’s mental status and his inability to resolve it himself, who could be cured by any individual who could understand his situation and talk him out by giving suggestions. However, what is necessary is professional knowledge of the functioning of human brain, which is possessed by psychologists, psychiatrics and trained professionals who have the ability to boast the patient’s morale, mobilize their ability to find help and built up their self confidence for a normal living.

We cannot centralize the study and approach of psychotherapy to common sense, nor can we completely ignore this aspect, as psychotherapy is not completely or bilaterally dependant upon common sense; however, general adaptability is a very important variable of this science without which effective therapeutic alliance between the sufferer and the practitioner is impossible.

Frank and Frank (pg 18), discuss this relation in their book “Persuasion and Psychotherapy,” believing that a psychiatrically disturbed state requires more of professional help, which is 80% more effective than informal advice pertaining from family and friends.

The traditional world even today pertaining to its conventional norms and notions, hesitates to believe in mental illnesses as a part of human diseases and thus force to find cures through informal ways, however, the psychotherapy is an application devoted to the scientific understanding of human nature, and then finding cure for the mentally ill. Thus, this clinical study of human beings disease cannot be side lined only to common sense, as it is a disease and requires proper and professional medication.

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